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 Dramarama Search Time!
 Posted: Apr 2 2018, 03:24 PM

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Hi everyone!

My name is Kayla. You can call me Kayla, Kay, Karly, Kelly, Kaylee, etc. After a lifetime of being called the wrong name I respond to anything that starts with a K so really you can’t go wrong anywhere.

A bit about me! I’m currently about to finish my undergrad, which is EXCITING. I plan on going on to med school and currently work in an ER, so my life is complete chaos and I love it. I have three beautiful cat babies which you will probably know better than your own pets. I also love love video games, particularly the Last of Us, Resident Evil, those terrible dramatic Wii surgeon games, Dying Light, Far Cry, etc. etc. basically assume everything.

So I’m mainly looking for either a slow-burn (like slow slow slow) romance RP or a some derivation of a Joel-Ellie relationship. I love angsty plots and will honestly request only this please atm (unless your goofball plot is 11/10 hilarious). My life is consumed with medicine and I spend a ton of time talking with doctors daily so I’m going to heavily request some sort of medicine undertones - I love medical drama (like the actual practice in-character) and will probably overwhelm you with plot ideas related to this. I also happen to live in the great ‘Laska so I’ll probably prefer either a remote or very snowy setting!

Now that that’s out of the way, I guess I can talk a bit more about what I’m interested in. I will say that I’m trying to stay away from supernatural powers or anything right now. I’m okay with Pokemon but they won’t be the main focus. A Last of Us or Dying Light type world are totally cool beans with me. Past that I’d love the focus of whatever nonsense trash we get up to to be MxF, but as we will probably be building at least a tiny world expect me to throw in other characters too. GIVE ME ALL THE UNRESOLVED SEXUAL TENSION AND ANGRY YELLING; I tend to be super mean to my OCs that way and the more I can ruin their lives the better. I love OCs and will probably love yours v much, and yes we will obsess over all characters involved. I can play male or female, though expect any major male characters I make to fall into the world-weary a-hole category (I have a problem I know). Face claims, Pinterest, hell even tumblr boards if you want to go crazy.

Length-wise I’m not too strict though know I can prose like a mf. I respond quickly so be prepared for this! I’d like at least a couple of responses weekly if possible. I’m pretty relaxed on limits; in terms of violence/gore/etc. feel free to move forward without notice unless it’s insanely graphic. Sexual themes-wise is definitely more based on how well I know you as a writer and won’t happen right away for sure. I prefer 18+ for partners and if you’re not I can promise that I will scale back a lot on basically everything - for you and me both!

Other than this I’m totally open to pretty much anything that falls in these guidelines! I have a few more ideas and requests so if you’re interested please feel free to email me any time. We’re probably going to do most of the plotting work there as I am pretty open. I do have discord so if you’re interested in that we can figure out how to contact each other there cx I definitely don’t bite so feel free to even reach out with questions!

Email -
Discord - Kayla#7256
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