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 Looking for New RP Partners
 Posted: Mar 2 2018, 10:28 PM

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Alright, this is probably gonna get a little long, and I might ramble a bit. Bear with me.

First things first: I want to rp with other people who are, like me, interested in exploring dark, mature and probably edgy topics. Everyone has limits of course but mine take a while to push compared to others, probably. Because of this, and because I prefer to RP in a place without rules aside from the other person's/peoples' limits (though maybe I can be convinced otherwise), I'd prefer to RP over Discord (though I'm only going to give out my handle via PM because I don't like it being out there publicly). I'd also love to get to know you before we dive into RP--I don't want to be RPing with strangers!

Second things second: I'm down for a group RP if everyone fits the criteria, but with a couple stipulations: I really don't want to be stuck being the only one trying to wrangle everyone involved into replying/sticking with it, and I don't want a group any bigger than 5 people. Any more than that and it can become a bit overwhelming for me.

Third things third: I don't want to do an rp without planning. I want a plot, and I want to know where it starts and where it ends. Having specific story beats to hit is also great but we don't need to know everything, we just need to know where things are going to end up going. Without that, the pacing dies and I tend to lose traction/interest because I run out of steam or run out of ideas. I also love creating characters with friends, and planning out their connected stories. Same for connecting existing characters that are gonna be in the RP (especially if it's through their backstories).

Finally: I have no lower or upper limit on reply length. Quality over quantity and I understand sometimes there's not enough to say. Don't feel the need to pad things out just to hit a word count. I do paragraph-based RP for the most part, but fun one-offs in script or chat format are always fun. Long-term stuff is best, but one-offs can be fun too. All depends on what we decide. Hell, maybe we won't find an RP we want to do together but we click as friends or have a ton of fun discussing characters--that's great too!

That out of the way: here's what I want to RP!

High Fantasy (especially if the time period/tech level is different from the standard "Medieval")
"Real World" (either historical or contemporary)
Urban Fantasy
Lovecraftian/Horror (especially combined with any above genre)

A quick note: I tend to prefer things to be a little toned-down, with limits on how many non-human beings are running around and defined rules and such for the fantasy/magic elements. That can be discussed further during the planning phase though.

Elder Scrolls
Mass Effect

I have my own plot ideas and a couple original settings, but feel free to throw any of your own ideas at me.

I DO NOT do role play based solely on character pairings, unless it's specifically an erotic RP (which I am willing to do, but only if kinks line up... something I'm down to discuss only if I feel comfortable that I can do so without being judged).

And finally... my typing style over Discord is incredibly casual and full of abbreviations and lack of capitalization etc... if you're the type to get upset over that, think less of me for it, or whatever... move along, please. It's just how I am.

Feel free to post a reply here or PM me and we can see how things go.
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