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May 11 2018, 11:18 PM
Hello, my name is Wicker, I'm a college graduate and am in my mid 20s. I do have a decently busy schedule, but generally I can reply once every few days.

-I will ONLY rp with you if you are over 18. No exceptions.
-If we RPed before and it fell through I may RP with you again. Feel free to hit me up.
-You do not have to tell me if you don't want to RP anymore. BUT if I message you asking what's up please tell me. It means I'm interested.
-I'm an adult, I can handle you telling me if you don't like something. I will do the same for you. That being said it almost never happens, even if I don't particularly like your description of a character, for example, I will still RP with you for a bit just to see how it goes because most of the time how you write a character changes my mind.
-I can like darker themes.
-I do not have limits, and request you don't as well. We don't always have to write stuff out, but I'd prefer that we don't just so I don't have to try and sort people by who does what.
-mxm, m// only. There can be female characters as side characters, ofc.

'special' abilities/mutants, fantasy (modern, historical, futuristic, another world), witches (I have a couple ideas for this one), werewolves, slice of life, sci-fi (whether all human or humans and aliens or all aliens), dragon/griffin riders, warped mythologies (love Norse mythology), demons/angels, post-apocalyptic, dystopias, pirate-esque, heroes/villains/anti-heroes, mix of several, others. Love suggestions/ideas!

for fandoms I rp the world/universe and prefer to leave canon characters out of the main pairing.
Dragon Age, Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona, The Darkest Minds, Annihilation (roughly based, this one wouldn't be exactly like the book/movie), Devil Survivor, The Arcana (mobile game), uhhh others I might have to add later lol...

Also I'm kinda craving an older man x 20s year old man in the apocalypse? Kind of like The Last of Us, and I'd prefer to play the younger. Idky but if you like playing middle-aged men let me know? haha.

I have some plots I wanna dooo:
Fantasy knight x mage
I have a mage character I want to use. This is braaand new but I'm thinking it's a world that's mostly anti-magic and a man's sent out to retrieve and bring back a mage to the Court. Thinking the knight, or whatever he is, hates magic just as much of the rest of them, and I kind of want it to be a bit of an adventure with quips and a grumpy man having to put up with a mage who starts to grow on him.

So this is inspired by The Darkest Minds, but with some differences. So something is killing kids when they hit puberty, but some do survive, and they start to show abilities. Out of fear the government rounds them up and takes them to camps promising to 'cure' all of them. There are different colors: Green, blue, yellow, orange, and red, in order of danger and all the colors are separated in the camp. Red is the rarest and the most dangerous, and each red is separated into an individual cell with little to no human contact, the only time they come in contact with each other is during sparring and training. So I do have a Red I want to play, and this can either be Red x Red or Red x Another color. One idea I had was that each red has a green or blue who brings them their meals, and that's the only human interaction they get, so they become extremely attached to this one person, their partner. In turn if the Reds act out the punishment is given to their partner.

These are just very basic, brief explanations, and if you have any questions or are interested let me know!

Sooo, feel free to message me. Please tell me any ideas you have, or about a character you're interested in using.

discord: wickerrp #8273

Jan 2 2018, 11:46 PM
Hey there, my name's Wicker. I've been RPing since I was 12, which was over 10 years ago (I'm over 18). I've never been very good at introducing myself so I'm just going to skip the rest of this haha.

few rules/some info:
+18+ only. I will not roleplay with people who are underage.
+I rp mxm or m// ONLY. That does not mean that side characters have to follow this, though. Just the main one.
+I use one main character for the RP. I don't mind doubling, but generally not long term.
+I have no limits. I ask that you don't also, but if you're not feeling a scene we can just skip/fade to black.
+Creativity is a must. I love world building, making characters, talking about stuff. Whatever we wanna do.
+I know not everyone likes talking about it, but I'm gonna throw it out there. In sexual encounters I prefer my character be the 'bottom' one. That being said, I'll do whatever. Its a preference, not a requirement. I do like for you to tell me what you have planned for your character, though, so I can get into the head space for my boy.
+I don't mind smut heavy RPs, I don't mind story heavy RPs. Just lemme know where you're headed.
+My posts can be anywhere from a paragraph to a page. I prefer 2-3 quality paragraphs.

scifi (fun stuff in space, fun stuff on other planets, etc. etc.)
fantasy (dragon riders, griffin riders, elves, magic, orcs and other species, etc.)
slice of life (college, roommates, etc.)
modern fantasy (werewolves, angels/demons, vampires)
mythology (gods, creatures, etc.)
new worlds

---'Media' rps I prefer to RP the world and leave out canon characters for the most part unless they're side characters. Depends on the rp though.---
Dragon Age
Horizon Zero Dawn
Stardew Vally
others I can't think of rn
mixing the above
something new! Feel free to toss me ideas.

In the not so distant future people with abilities exist. The general public is terrified of them from a few bad stories of people using their powers for murder, bank robbery, etc. As a response there's been an anti-mutant military task force who have been given brand new, highly addictive, injections to give them powers. The problems? They have to be taken regularly and an unknown side effect is that if you had the inactive genes to be a mutant it tends to activate those, making mutants out of these soldiers. There's also a group who attack and manipulate the buildings and machines the military use to identify muntants, most of the members of this group are unknown and undocumented. What's a bit unknown is that this group hides mutants who don't help the more extreme members as well, giving them a place to stay in general safety. Basic idea is that your character (I'm looking for one of the anti-mutant people) joined a group who are going to this safe haven to try and infiltrate the group that's been plotting and executing these attacks. My character is a member of this group. And he is pretty powerful, my character, but he does have weaknesses. I basically want to play something that's strong and kind of awe inspiring, but needs to be defended. Basically he's an extremely powerful summoner, but he takes huge risks because what he summons gets hurt it can hurt him as well, and depending on the size of the summon he has to use more of his own mind to control it. Something small he doesn't have to worry about too much, something big he has to basically go to sleep to do it. Also he has to stay within a radius of these summons. Yours can also be extremely powerful, and if the injections turn him into an actual mutant, if you decide you want to change your power you can! Exciting! WHOOOOOO.

smutty stuff: Uh, ask me about it. I mostly do ABO-esque stuff, I do certain kinks, I like to make different alien species and stuff. I have an f-list, feel free to email me and ask for it and I'll send it over, and you're welcome to toss me yours! If we mix well feel free to ask me for my discord.

If we RPed together at some point and something happened lemme know and we can see if we can go again.
Sep 25 2016, 03:58 AM
Hellur! My 'name' is Wicker, and I'm searching for some new rp partners. I'm 20+, and I'm great. Okay, intro done. Oh, my average post length is around 2-4 paragraphs. Can do more, can do less.

FYI I'll be putting some characters/plots in the second post!

+I don't fade to black . Smut doesn't need to be a focus, or even be a regular occurrence but if it does happen it's happenin'. Mostly because I have a hard time remembering who has what limit.

+I don't mind discussing kinks if you want to, I'm down with things like mpreg, spanking, sex talk, and others but you're welcome to ask, I have an f-list.

+I PREFER to play the sexually submissive character, but I do have a few tops, and a few switches already in my character bank, but I'm down for making more characters as long as you're okay going through some development periods potentially in rp.

+Speaking of above, I prefer to talk about it before the rp just so there's not awkward written fumbling between you and me, all for awkward fumbling between characters if you want.

+I don't rp canon characters, usually. I prefer to use the world/universe rather than the characters.

+Doubling, not my favorite tbh, but I'll do it when necessary.

+I don't mind ending rps without saying anything, but if I ask you where you are please tell me. I'll do the same for you unless you seem super aggressive and I don't feel like fighting with anyone, which rarely happens. HOWEVER I've been doing a lot of rps lately where I'll fully create a character for it and things are great, both sides seem excited in plotting, and then the person will be really great the first few days ten I won't hear from them for weeks. Then they come back, apologize, go again for a few days, gone again for a month. This is horribly frustrating for me. I would rather you just TELL ME you're not interested rather than string me along. If there's something you're not interested in, tell me. Talk to me, I'm really not that scary. Also if you're just not feeling it now, if things go well, I'd be willing to try again in the future if you want. But being ignored just makes me feel like trash, and really I have little interest in RPing again with someone like that.

+If you continuously take a really long time (multiple weeks) to respond I generally will stop bothering to contact you after awhile.

+YOU MUST BE AN ADULT. K. That means over 18.

+sorry for all the rules, yo :c

+dragon age, fallout, the foxhole court, captive prince-esque things, persona/shin megami tensei, ark: survival evolved...uhm i'm probably missing some so I'll update this later. tired.

+werewolves, vampires, witches, fae, gods/immortals, college, past, present, future, sci-fi, apocalypse, post-apocalypse, aliens, fantasy, exploration, big mech, hunters x creatures, modified soldiers, alternate realities, alternate dimensions, space travel, slice of life, mutants/people with abilities, superheroes/antiheroes

I LOVE trying new things, so if you have some ideas lemme know.
Jun 13 2016, 11:35 PM
hi there! I'm Wicker, a 20+ person who works part time atm, but I am looking to find a full time job so that's something that might keep me busy from time to time but usually I'll respond at least once a day. Also DO NOT contact me if you are under the age of 18.

I have no limits aside from a few of the more extreme kinks. I do have an f-list, which you can check here. Things on the 'maybe' list are there more based on the RP and character, and since they won't work for all rps/situations they're on the maybe. I'm more than happy to talk about any of the kinks on this list. I don't remember if its on there, but I will also do rps involving mpreg. I prefer to play the 'bottom' character. This is a preference, we can talk it over if you want. I also prefer that we discuss sexual positions before the RP, just to put off the awkward written poking for into later.

Also! I'm open to more sexually oriented roleplays, but everything should have some sort of plot. Of course I will also do plot centered rps, whichever floats your boat! Also my post length usually goes from one paragraph to 5. I can go over but it gets slightly annoying with action scenes.

I prefer not to double, but will as needed.

werewolves (omegaverse is fine with me)
modern pairings (college, roommates, etc.)
fantasy worlds
and lots more! I'm always open for ideas, and I would love to hear if you have ideas for anything!

+++I usually don't rp canon characters, but originals.
Dragon Age
Infamous (played 3 only)
Witcher (again, played only some of 3, mostly thinking for the world)

And that's all I can think of rn. I hope to see you soon!

Jan 30 2016, 12:44 AM
Hi there, I go by Wicker and I am a 20+ year old (and you need to be at least 18 for legal reasons) who loooves to roleplay. A few of my other favored hobbies include video games, watching Lets Plays, reading, and endlessly watching Netflix. Because I'm almost always playing games I'm happy to talk over an instant messenger with you, but please be patient with me! I'm most likely playing a game or watching something and can't always respond immediately. I play a lot of multiplayer games so I can't just chill and respond, but I do my best when I have the time.

I have no limits, and will not fade to black, I also don't mind more smut oriented roleplays. The reason for not fading to black is mostly because I forget who wants to fade, and who doesn't, so I don't want to risk it. Now if we get to a sex scene and you aren't feeling it, or I'm not feeling it, I don't mind skipping, but I really can't remember who wants to fade ALL the time. As for kinks, I have an f-list. If you want to see it, feel free to ask! You're also welcome to ask about any kinks that you want to try out! (A few things I'll do: people with tails or animal ears, mpreg, alien species, an other things.)

I prefer to play the character who receives in the sexual aspect. It's a preference, and I'm definitely down to switch it up. Just tell me.

science fiction, fantasy, post-apoc, modern, futuristic, past, werewolves, vampires, species we make up, humans, capture x captured, sirens...I"m down for anything. My only preference is that if we do slice of life that we add something to it to spice it up. I'm also down with world building, if you want.

NOTE: With fandoms generally I prefer to stick to the world and use original characters. I will almost always use an original character, but you can talk to me about canon and whatever else.

Fallout, Dragon Age, Skyrim, Ark: Survival Evolved, The Witcher (I only really know the world), Mass Effect (again, I only really know the world), etc. I can't think right now so feel free to ask about any others.

my email is:
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