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BARBERMONGER is a site designed to help roleplayers find other roleplayers, specifically one-on-one roleplayers, as opposed to larger roleplay games. Functioning like a pinboard, BARBERMONGER allows users to create advertisements, bump advertisements, and respond to other advertisements, without requiring them to register an account. However, registering an account will allow you to edit your posts, find your own topics, and use the private messaging system.



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oh, glory — search
fandom, original
ONE-ON-ONE SEARCH apotelesmaa 3 133 20 minutes ago
Last Post by: rotten peaches
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One on One long time role play partner
TVD, Bitten, Lost, Grey's Anatomy & more
ONE-ON-ONE SEARCH Stefan Salvatore 7 153 Today at 05:36 am
Last Post by: Stefan Salvatore
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all pairings, doubling
ONE-ON-ONE SEARCH Eliza 2 93 Today at 05:28 am
Last Post by: Eliza
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Canon/OC, Marvel, 1x1
ONE-ON-ONE SEARCH marblesoda 5 89 Today at 01:10 am
Last Post by: marblesoda
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Glory Hole RP 18+ only
M//, modern, historical, fantasy
ONE-ON-ONE SEARCH For the Glory 3 95 Today at 01:07 am
Last Post by: For the Glory
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shining brightly
platonic + all pairing, fandom + ocs
ONE-ON-ONE SEARCH -chena- 1 50 Today at 01:04 am
Last Post by: For the Glory
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A One On One Search (Pages 1 2 )
MxF, Slice of Life, Fantasy, Etc
ONE-ON-ONE SEARCH yagotthere 18 538 Today at 12:41 am
Last Post by: yagotthere
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Star Wars
Fandom, Doubling, GDocs or Forum
ONE-ON-ONE SEARCH -ForceKiller- 4 85 Today at 12:40 am
Last Post by: -ForceKiller-
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a shameless plea to make my dreams come true - mxf, email (Pages 1 2 )
fandoms, originals, 18+, smutty?!?!
ONE-ON-ONE SEARCH -newblood- 24 1284 Today at 12:30 am
Last Post by: -Guest-
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they'll never love you, you'll never be enough
supernatural + sci-fi + smut
ONE-ON-ONE SEARCH vermilion skies 9 232 Today at 12:17 am
Last Post by: vermilion skies
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Good Lord, I miss roleplaying — (Pages 1 2 )
plots and genres galore!
ONE-ON-ONE SEARCH seize lasterday 24 770 Yesterday at 11:34 pm
Last Post by: cynda1
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Seeking Knight for Epic Fantasy RP
ONE-ON-ONE SEARCH -Ari- 0 17 Yesterday at 10:35 pm
Last Post by: -Ari-
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fandoms & originals (Pages 1 2 )
doubling, shows, musicals, movies.
ONE-ON-ONE SEARCH spooky 22 415 Yesterday at 10:00 pm
Last Post by: spooky
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I told that devil to take you back
F// rps
ONE-ON-ONE SEARCH KrashlynPride 0 26 Yesterday at 08:02 pm
Last Post by: KrashlynPride
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Hello there.
A message from a traveler from afar.
INTRODUCTIONS Inugami 1 12 Yesterday at 06:53 pm
Last Post by: SithLordOfSnark
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Want to Know My Favorite Part about Saving the World?
Doing it Together
ONE-ON-ONE SEARCH Mr.Edd 0 43 Yesterday at 04:07 pm
Last Post by: Mr.Edd
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fresh & friendly rl rp set in sydney
LINKING BACK -zer0- 0 4 Yesterday at 12:51 pm
Last Post by: -zer0-
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at least i’m gonna say that i tried.
ONE-ON-ONE SEARCH -Guest- 2 118 Yesterday at 11:23 am
Last Post by: rotten peaches
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My Fingers Are Filled with Bones.
Writing Bones. -- M/F & some M//
ONE-ON-ONE SEARCH -Liz- 4 211 Yesterday at 11:22 am
Last Post by: rotten peaches
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What Were You The God of Again?
mcu, ff, telltale batman, gotham, & more
ONE-ON-ONE SEARCH Resoan 4 102 Yesterday at 11:19 am
Last Post by: rotten peaches
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