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Feb 11 2014, 06:22 PM
Hello lovelies. My name is Kate, and I'm (obviously) looking for a role play. First off, I want to say that my current gmail is not working at all and it's incredibly frustrating, so for now I am redirecting you to my secondary email, I know that I have had several role plays from people on this site in the past, and they've all been lost on my other account, generator3floor. If you still want to role play with me, please let me know! I had some good ones in the works and I was highly disappointed that I couldn't continue with them.

For those of you who don't wish to stick around, here's my site:

And for those of you that do:

Here's a summary of my rules and what I'm after:

1. I expect literacy, and that means no one liners or one short paragraph. I range from five to seven paragraphs for introductions and AT LEAST three paragraphs throughout the role play. I expect the same from you. Quality, to me, is at its best when there is detail, thoughts, and dialogue in responses. Please, oh please, give me that and you will have the same from me.

2. 18+ plus, please. I like adult themes, adult characters, and the like. That means that I prefer not to fade to black, and I like violence, language, and all of the grit. If you, however, don't feel comfy with any one of those, please tell me and I will be happy to consider opting out.

3. I don't double and I don't do m//. Sorry, just not my thing.

4. This will be over email only.

As far as what I'm looking for currently, anything that has to do with vampires and witches (as the title mentions). I don't have a set plot in mind, but I would love to come up with one together. Also, I'm totally up for anything that you wish to do that is or is not on my genres list. Just ask. :)

I hope to hear from you!
Dec 18 2013, 02:14 AM
The name's Kate.

I'm on winter break from school and I have a lot of time to do absolutely nothing, so why not role play?

Before I start with my introduction and yadda yadda yadda, I want to say that I did have a few role plays about to start a month or so ago, but then my email wigged out and I lost them. If you were about to role play, we were role playing, or we were in contact at all, please tell me! I'd really like to start with you again!

Now, if you're feeling up to being redirected here is my website:

If not, here's the simple version:

- Literacy is pretty rad. You know your grammar rules, punctuation, the difference between your and you're and there, they're, and their. I don't expect you to have an SAT vocabulary, but I do expect you to write well and be able to articulate what you're trying to say to me.

- I like f// a whole lot, but if that's not what you're down for I'd prefer to play male. That's just how I roll.

- 18+ please. I like mature, adult themes.

- I don't have any limits, but please tell me if you do. I don't want to overstep.

- I don't double unless the role play specifically calls for it. You, on the other hand, are more than welcome to.


Right now, I'm currently craving...

- Marauder's Era (canon x oc preferably)
- Human/demon/witch/werewolf/vampire x vampire (I suppose I should point out I'm really in the mood for a nonhuman pairing)
- F// artist x subject or teacher x student

Oh, and my email address is

Hope to hear from you. :)
Aug 13 2013, 04:50 PM
Hello there! Please call me Kate. :) I have one spectacular role play already going, and I want a few more to keep me busy. My summer doesn't end for another seven weeks, so I've got all the time in the world.

For most of my information you can find me at

I will say that that I will not double at all ever, and I'm not into smut. I want awesome plots and action and romance. I don't want to write out a porno with no plot, ya dig?

Hope to hear from you soon!
Jul 5 2013, 04:37 PM
Hello lovelies. My name is Kate and I'm looking for an awesome role play! Much of what you need to know can be found here:

I'm really in the mood for a teacher/student role play, but please feel free to suggest something else. I'm always happy to discuss other options. :)

Questions? Comments? Email me, PM me, post on this topic, whatever strikes your fancy. I'd love to hear it!
May 22 2013, 12:46 AM
Hello lovely people. :) My name is Kate, and I have become super... well, desperate for a really awesome role play. No one has been responding to my emails I've sent out via Role Play Central in the past several days, so I decided to try here instead. You all seem like a wonderful, lively bunch of writers!

I have a site, you can find me at:

Or, if you're feeling super not into getting redirected, just message me here or email me at and we can chat.

Hope to here from you soon!

P.S. I'm super into like demonology/angelology at the moment. Might you be interested?

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