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Jul 14 2014, 10:13 PM
hey there
im erika and ive been really bummed lately about my writing.

im hoping to try and rp it all out and finally get back to loving my own writing, and i've been on a major pokemon kick as well.
p. much i've been writing nonstop fanfiction, but i have an itch to role play and to use my own personal characters.

except there is one tiny problem:
the characters i want to use are derived from their own universe in a futuristic hoenn.
in which a villainous team has finally succeeded in winning through more subtle means of slithering in.

they are also very attached to one another and im still trying to figure out how in the heck im gonna rp one without the other.
one is the team leader himself who has an iron grip on hoenn and has been leaking out his poison into the public (he is faceless and otherwise unknown to the public despite uh being the main cause for many drastic changes to their lifestyles, only the elite four + champion really know what he's doing).
the other is a pokemon professor also very well-aware of what this team boss is doing and is letting it slide due to emotions.
many emotions.

idk i can probably separate them im just being a major dumb, but im super tired right now and havent gotten any sleep in ages.
i also have very messy, unfinished bios for them both so if you'd like, contact me at these placesss;

email ;
skype ; same as email
aim ; (please do not contact the actual email address--i never use it)

i also have tumblr but uh that's something you'll have to talk to me about.
we can also discuss limits 'n junk as well when you contact me c:
Jun 27 2014, 03:27 PM
hi hey hello i'm erika.
nice to meet you.

i'm a lovely lady from washington state (not d.c. thank you very much) and i both have way too much time on my hands and too little time on my hands.
it all depends on my level of procrastination and whether or not i feel like being a productive citizen in this world.

anywho, if you havent guessed it from the title, i'm looking for pokemon.
but i'm actually looking for very specific so i'm sorry to all you folks who were eager to test out your ocs and what not.

i am looking for the ever so unpopular ship of archie x maxie, from the hoenn games.
i've been pumped up for the hoenn remakes i felt that shipping flame reignite and i regressed back to my sixth grade era of writing fanfiction.
a lot.
pretty much my summer goal with all this time was to write two thousand words every day, which morphed into fanfiction, which morphed into this ship.

but fanfiction isnt quite enough and now i am looking for role plays because my hunger is never satisfied.

i play either character quite fine, am chill with aus (except with anything involving characters under the age of twenty i am very sorry, that means high school is a no), and am pretty much open to humanly anything.

if you want examples of how i play them, i've been trying to get a consistent writing style for both characters, uhh those really terrible fanfictions i mentioned are under my tumblr;
i've been working on a masterpost but it isnt updated, though it isnt hard to find what i've written.

i have several mediums, which are the following;

skype - (i use my email and idk if that is how you'd find me, but nonetheless it would be 'skinjacket' and my name on there is erika, so)
email - same as above
aim - (note the period in between flame and war, but please DO NOT contact me through that email since it is old and i never use it)

and if you really want to, tumblr--uh just send me a message to the url i mentioned above and i'll get back to you as soon as possible.

May 24 2014, 08:24 PM

imma put this up top so people notice it. hey. how're you doing. good. great. well i've had five people ask me for a m/f pairing and i stated down below i don't do that, i prefer m/m. maybe i didn't clarify, but since this is bold, and at the top, i'm just gonna start ignoring those folks who keep asking me for m/f. thanks.

so hey.
i'm erika (ignore my little username 'skin', i'm kinda giving up on that nickname) and i haven't role played in about half a year.
which isn't very long in comparison to most folks on a hiatus, but from writing every day to zilch, it seems pretty big for me.

as summer approaches and my time increases to spend on the internet, i've been feeling that familiar creative kick and a nostalgic ache to return to what i used to do all the time.

so yeah, some stuff about me:
  • i'm literate, advanced, whatever you call it. though i'm rusty and might take a bit to warm up, i'll match whatever you put out.
  • i'm busy with school still. my school year ends june 16th so until then, my schedule will be wonky and sometimes i just will be too tired to think of replying. i will, however, let you know if it is one of those days.
  • i have an email, an aim, skype, a tumblr, etc. tell me what you prefer and i'll probably have it.
  • i'm really passive right now but i swear i can suddenly become bubbly and excited at a whim. i also can be vulgar. let me know if you don't like swearing and i'll shut up--though my characters may not if it is apart of their personality--though i can't exactly turn off my personality regarding the excited/bubbly thing.
  • kinda about me, kinda not. i like homosexual pairings--preferably between men, though i've been debating writing about the ladies as well. i'll elaborate on that further on.
presently, i have no clue what i want to do. but i'll offer up some topics that i've done in the past and you can pick through that and figure something out. i'm more than happy to discuss new subjects, plot ideas, etc., and the worst i can say is no.

  • mafia, gangs, drug wars.
  • angel/demon/heaven/hell deals
  • mythology, legends
  • werewolves/vampires/shapeshifters
  • anything fantasy
  • pornstars
  • cheesy, typical fluffy-type things you'd expect in some yaoi manga/anime. without the disproportionate bodies.
  • pokemon, legend of zelda, okami
and to wrap it up, some stuff i'd like to have established before anything goes down
  • i do write graphic scenes involving violence and things of a sexual nature. idk i pretty much write about anything, let me know if something discomforts you and i'll avoid it like it is the plague.
  • on the topic of avoiding things like the plague, if i write something weird, somehow write something offensive without meaning to, please tell me! i'd rather correct my mistake rather than continue doing it without realize what harm i might be doing.
  • i prefer email and skype over most mediums, though like before, i have a broad range of mediums to write through.
  • i like to talk in ooc and get to know people. let me know if you don't like that and i'll shut up.
that's enough rambling for now, i'm sorry if you got bored while reading that!
my contacts are the following:

aim: (please note the period between flame and war, it is an old email i'm sorry)
skype: skinjacket

if you are really wanting to do tumblr or something, message me through one of those contacts for it. i'm not really eager to give out any of my urls on here, since i have multiple blogs.
Mar 1 2014, 07:02 PM
so, i saw a pretty spiffy idea on tumblr (right here) and it made me think of a world combining the concepts from avatar: the last airbender (and i suppose the legend of korra as well, both universes) with pokemon.
idek how it would be role played out, but pokemon and a:tla combined sounds great in a really strange way to me and i'm genuinely wondering if this is something interesting or not.

more info can be found here about my rules, my contact info, and then other genres if this one isn't interesting :u
Feb 16 2014, 06:22 PM

i've been struggling with my interest in writing and i'm really hoping to find some folks who will help me kickstart that passion again.
i promise i'm friendly i just don't really use smileys much, lol.
i'm laid back, i'm flexible with schedules, and yeah.

most other info is on my page, i've been working on trying to make it as basic as possible so it isn't a wall of text to read.
i'm open to new pairings/genres, so long as it doesn't contain pedophilia or extreme body horror (please ask about anything else though, i promise i generally have an open mind), and fandoms are iffy.
i don't do harry potter and any television shows, to get that out of the way.

uHH yeah that's about it.
i'll be lounging around playing pokemon if you need me, lol.

oh yea btww
kinda digging a lion king sort of thing right now.
lions 'n stuff.
maybe other big cats.
probably would not have romance (unless u want some disney shit) and i'd love some strong lady characters for this sort of thing rather than just exclusively males.
i'm not gonna put it up on my page since it is a passing thing but yea if you want to have some dramatic lion thing.
hit me up.
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