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Sep 18 2013, 01:32 PM
Every so often, you just get a craving for a good smut rp. That's where I am at right now. Basically, this would be PWP with some reason why our characters are suddenly all sexed for each other for context. Could be as simple as they are both drunk at a bar and find each other hot or more complicated like sexy stepsiblings have finally broke down and want to explore each others bodies. Because of the nature of the rp, please be 18+ if you email me. I want quality (no one liners, bad grammar, ect.). I want either a F// pairing or a man for my woman. If you are feeling risque, pitch me something hedging the line of consensual sex. If this one goes well, heck maybe we can just continue on.

E-mail me at:

If you want a more balanced rpg, see my other ad:
Jul 31 2013, 05:48 PM
Hello everyone!
I am searching for the elusive sci-fi femslash partner! To make matters more difficult, I already have a character, pairing and setting in mind but I am extremely flexible because I really want to do this plot!

Essentially, I want to do a tongue in cheek space opera with captain x chief medical officer as the pairing. The medical officer is an android with a bit of a back story. I am looking for fun, light-hearted, comical and sexy. A space opera/space western sort of like firefly but with a crew of all female, lesbian pirates. Yes, its a fantasy but this is roleplay! Anyway, the Captain is a bit of a womanizer and she isn't likely to stop her ways but she has a soft spot for her clever android. There is rampant suspicion that she was rapidly promoted because she is sleeping with the captain, a fact they keep mostly secret. There is tons of room for doubling, backstabbing and hijinks. I think it would be fun. Here is more about Pilar, my android and stay tuned for my e-mail after the break!


P.I.L.A.R. is an artificial life form, designed to be the perfect companion for a rich planet developer. She was built from the bottom up, designed with love and care by Oscar, a brilliant engineer and AI specialist. He built her, shipped her and was prepared to let her go ... until the payment issued to him was retracted electronically.

Then Oscar got mad.

He logged into his com, hacked into P.I.L.A.R.'s system and changed her programming just slightly. Her new owner would still have the perfect companion, she would just have a new quirk that would change her purpose entirely. Oscar's tweak: she was now terrified of penises.

Needless to say, her new owner was not prepared to contact the engineer after jilting him so P.I.L.A.R.was sold promptly and she was someone else's problem.

She passed hands a few times before the captain 'acquired' her. For the first time, someone asked her what she wanted to do and she took a full five minutes of processing time before deciding. She declared that she wanted to study the human body and heal it and she was installed in the medical center of the ship. She quickly moved through the ranks, seeing as her processor was flawless, and is now the Chief Medical Officer.

My limits are pretty standard. I will tell you if I am not interested in rping anymore or if I will be gone for a bit (unless I am a real dummy and forget, if this is the case nudge me cause I will come back to you!). Sometimes I run hot and cold, especially if an rp isn't providing some variety. I keep you in the loop regardless.
Jul 10 2013, 05:19 PM
General Wants:
- Modern Romance
- Paranormal Romance (vampires, werewolves, shifters, witches, ect.)
- Historical Romance
- Easygoing, fun partners.
- Progressing plot!
- I like smutty things... but not only smutty things.
- F//, F/M or F/F/M
- Respect goes both ways.
- Will discuss limits.
- 18+ partners please.

Vague Plots/Pairings/Ideas:
- Kidnapping
- Love/Hate between fated mates
- Love triangle.
- Recently changed vamp/older vamp
- Dreamwalking/meeting through dreams
- Lost memories/not remembering your SO
- Some sort of harem?
- Vampire/Bloodslave

Please note that F// is my preference and plots are written with that in mind. If you come to me with a f/m plot, I am likely to take you up on it but I don't double and who plays who should be negotiable. Sometimes I will play a male character, I even enjoy it but please don't force my hand.

"Beautiful Bitch" - real life or paranormal
An ambitious intern.
A perfectionist executive.

Hard working, smart and hell bent on pulling herself up the corporate ladder, Character A's only obstacle is her boss, Character B. B is gorgeous, arrogant and blunt. She certainly doesn't have time for an up and coming intern right now, not while trying to prove her father (owner of the company) that she can run his business when he retires.

"Strangers" - real life or paranormal
A charming, experienced woman.
An in the closet girl wanting to open up.

After escaping a cheating male ex, straight laced Character A is done with men. She always had leanings but she was determined to find out if it was more than that. Going to a gay bar for the first time, she is only looking for someone to experiment with, what she found was Character B. Owner of the club, Character B was known for being a love em and leave em type of girl. Tall, seductive and beautiful, she was just the right person to show Character A what it was to make love to a woman - no strings attached. The only problem, A might be everything B never knew she was looking for.

"Hired" - real life or paranormal
An overworked mother.
An in over her head college drop out.

After receiving a failing grade in a class she had to pass for her major, Character A panics and drops out of college, deciding she has to take a year off and clear her head. With no money and no prospects, she applies to an ad that has her flying overseas to work for a wealthy woman whose child requires a live in nanny - since she works odd hours. Character B is hesitant about letting anyone else have a hand in raising her only child. Her husband passed on recently and she isn't used to counting on anyone anymore. Can she let Character A in or will she just butt heads with her?

"All Grown Up" - real life or paranormal ***
An overprotective brother. [C]
A sister looking to grow up. [A]
A girlfriend that didn't know what she was getting into. B

Character B and C have been dating for years, in fact, they were getting married in the fall. When C's nerdy little sister returns from college all grown up - and out of the closet - B realizes that she might have chosen the wrong sibling. How was she supposed to examine her feelings without hurting either sibling though?
** Can be done with step siblings for a f/f/m. **

"Arranged" - paranormal romance
A destiny decided.
A chance she can't help but take.

Character A has always known her fate was to marry the son of a allied pack. Without their marriage, it could mean war for her family and her people. When she saves a human woman's life after being injured on a hike, she begins to question what is meant to be.

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