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Jul 6 2018, 10:25 AM
Hello lovely people!

My name is Amanda, I've posted on here several times but not of late so I figured I would cast my line once again. So here we go!

About me:
Twenty-six year old, female, who has been in the rp-game for more than a decade. I prefer third-person, multi-paragraph posts that dabble in mature themes (so please be 18+). I prefer to double and M/F, but will attempt F// or M// for you! I'm just not as well-versed as I would like to be! My normal medium is email, however, I will consider Docs if you're interested. I will not do instant messages/Skype/Discord, my schedule is too busy for that. That being said, I reply multiple times per week and per day if I am online/off work.

I will roleplay original or fandoms, however, if you have an original idea please come at me with at least a skeletal plot. I'm super easy-going, I will happily OOC chatter with you.

My Hopeful Wants From A Partner:
- Replies 2-3/week
- Isn't afraid of twist the plot! Let's make something crazy!
- Willing to double!
- If you have an original idea, insert the basic plot points in your intro
- Be 18+
- Like music? I send a lot of playlist/songs that make me think of our partners or story!
- Likes paranormal/supernatural aspects in a story.

What I play:

Italics who I will play
++ indicates plot idea

- Supernatural (Sam/Dean/Castiel) ++
- Psychonauts (originals)
- Soul Eater (originals)
- Twilight (original) ++
- Teen Titans (Raven; fandom/OC pairings or originals)

Original Pairings I Usually Like:
- Hunter/Angel
- Hunter/Demon
- Hunter/Hunter
- Supernatural creatures (think werewolves/vampires/witches)
- Ghost/Human ++

Things I do NOT play:
- Slice of Life
- Marvel/DC (with the exception of what is stated above)
- Anthros (with the exception of the "supernatural" elements)
- Bandoms
- mPreg/breeding
- porn without plot
- no watersports, vore, incest, excessive age gaps

Contact Info:
Email -
May 7 2018, 01:24 PM
Hello like-minded individuals lurking in the depths of the internets for a plot or two!

My name is Amanda - if I seem familiar then you're probably right - I post here semi-frequently looking for a story to entangle myself within. I am a 20-something, avid writer who has been roleplaying for like 10-15 years. Calculating that makes me feel old. That being said, I am looking for someone who likes mucking about with plots and isn't afraid to throw a sudden curve-ball and upset our characters.

My style of writing is a lot like this ad is built; multi-paragraphed, a bit busy, fairly sarcastic, and with movement. You can catch my replies multiple times per week and at very different times. I am on EST, but I work 12 hour shifts and I am also planning a wedding so my phone is always within reach and if I'm not working, I'm usually on my laptop doing something wedding-related. Please don't let that deter you though, my replies can be very lengthy (think novella) to a few paragraphs depending on what my partners want. However, PLEASE NO ONE-LINER REPLIES. I just can't.

I double and prefer m/f for my pairings however I can attempt f// or m// to your pairings if you wish, I am just not used to writing it but I'm willing to try!

I am looking for someone who is at least 18 years old, is willing to plot and add to the plot and story, is okay with mature themes, and can reply every few days. I know life happens, and I'm completely fine with that.

Now, then!

~ Supernatural (canon/oc)
~ Psychonauts (canon/oc, original/original)
~ Twilight (canon/oc, original/original)
~ Soul Eater (originals)

~Demon x Hunter
~Demon x Angel
~Demon x Demon
~Psychic/Witch x Human
~Ghost x Human
~Post-apocalpytic world (think less zombie/virus more the 4-Horsemen)

No-Goes (will NOT play)
~Slice of Life
~Superheros (Marvel/DC)

With all that being said, my limits and kinks are pretty well normal (no watersports, vore, anthro, incest)


Mar 23 2018, 01:42 PM
Hey there! smile.gif

Looking for more partners, yet again!

About me: Long-term roleplayer, searching the moors for a few more partners that would like to plot something original or fandom-based. I'm 25, please be 18+ if you want to contact me because I like mature things (sex, drugs, rock n' roll), please be semi-regular (post 1-3x/week), and plan to contribute to the plot.

Semantics: I generally prefer multi-paragraph stories; however, I can handle smaller replies if that's too overwhelming for my partners. Please NO one-liners though. There's nothing for me to work within that style. I prefer M/F pairings, but I do double and will attempt M// and F// - just work with me. Most of my plots will have a supernatural spine to them, just fyi. I reply 4-5x/week sometimes more or less depending on work schedule. I love OOC chatter, and will happily keep an open thread just to talk about plot and life stuff. I mainly use email as far as medium but I can also use google docs if that'd be something you're interested in - I will not use Kik or messengers though.

That being said - I am a talentless bum - I can't draw... but I will happily make playlists/add songs for our characters ^.^

Fandom List:
~ Supernatural (fandom/oc)
~ Twilight (originals; fandom/oc)
~ Soul Eater (originals)
~ Psychonauts (originals)

A little blurb before I place this list; I don't want someone to RP verbatim the story. BUT if you're familiar with the territory (e.g., read the attached synopsis) then you should be good.

~ Old Magic by Marianne Curley
~ The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray by Chris Wooding
~ One for the Money by Janet Evanovich


Please come to me if you have any ideas or cravings you're itching to use! I'd love to hear your ideas too!! As long as they don't fall into the categories below, we're golden!

No Goes:
~ Slice of Life
~ Bandoms
~ Watersports, Anthros (with the exception of some supernatural-based creatures), mpreg, vore, and incest.


Feb 12 2018, 04:49 PM
Heyy my name is Amanda, I'm 25, and I've been roleplaying for 10+ years. It's been awhile since I've posted on here, but like most of you good people - I'm looking for a few more partners! Uhh about me... I like beer, and music, and have a lot of useless information about the human body.

Because of college...



On to brass tacks!

[Shit I do]

- I reply 4-5x/week if my work schedule permits. I'm a shift worker, on EST, so if I get super busy then it may be less...anything more than 5 days, I'll let you know.
- I double, preferably, Canon/OC and M/F for my pairings. However. I can attempt M// or F// for you.
- I like OOC chatter and plotting!
- I use email or Google Docs; I usually do multi-paragraph or novella style.
- Smut < plot, yes I write it.
- If I'm around you can expect semi-rapid (1-1.5 hour) response times.

[What I'd like from you]

- Be semi-regular (2-3 posts per week, please. I understand life happens.)
- Be able to run with an idea. You can always plot with me or ask me, but I hate being the complete leader.
- That being said, no god-modding, please.
- Be willing to play side characters too! They're free-for-alls for me, unless you want something different.
- Double (puh-lease)
- Please be 18+!
- No one-liners.

[Fandoms] - parentheses is who I'd like to play against

- Supernatural (Dean, Sam, Castiel)
- Twilight (OC, Jacob)
- Psychonauts (Raz, OC)
- Soul Eater (OCs)


- Random idea for Deadpool/Raven (teen titans) pairing. I know right...
- post-apocalyptic - this is gotta have a bomb-ass plot.
- demon/hunter
- demon/angel
- angel/hunter


-Slice of Life

Is that it? Probably not. I'm probably forgetting something super important. Fingers crossed that didn't happen...

Contact -
Nov 20 2017, 12:26 PM

Posting again!

Looking for 18+ roleplaying partners that are looking to plot, are moderately active (can post more than 1-2x/per week), are respectful, and want to have a nice time with a story-starved individual.

What you can expect from me!
- 25-year-old female
- 10+ years experience
- Eastern Time Zone (located in midwest, USA)
- Third person, past-tense, multi-paragraph replies about 4-5x/week
- Doubling (please, please double?)
- plotting 50/50 (as in I keep a thread/email open just for OOC plotting; it doesn't have to be utilized every day...I won't harp on you)
- M/F pairings
- email or google doc
- I do NOT write/dabble -- slice of life, bestiality (including furry), watersports/toilet play.

Now, what I'm currently looking to RP:

Plot in mind - *
Characters in mind to play- (...)

Supernatural - * (Dean, Sam, Castiel)
Psychonauts - (originals)
Soul Eater - (originals)
Walking Dead - (originals)
Harry Potter - (originals), trio-generation
Twilight - * (originals)

ghost x human *
demon x angel
demon x hunter
hunter x hunter
vampire x hunter
slayer x hunter (think Buffy-style?)

I think that covers most bases. If you have any other questions or original idea, please contact me. As I previously stated...I don't do slice of life...I like having some supernatural feel to the roleplay, so please keep that in mind.

Contact -

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