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Mar 22 2018, 02:48 AM
ollie, been here a while. twenty five, trans guy - human disaster, moving on.

specifically seeking a supernatural roleplay, and yes i mean the show. idk if this is still something that happens anymore but hey worth a shot. i like to double, i like canon x oc (or canon x canon if you ask nice enough), i like being respectful of peoples triggers, squicks limits ect. if you're the same, yay congratulations!

i have plots, out the wazoo, and am currently getting caught up on the season that's airing right now. is it airing right now? idk it's been a while since i've seen cable tv.

also accepting mcu stuff, but not the films unless you come at me with like the gold kewpie doll of plots.

this will be over email and here's mine:
Feb 5 2018, 12:02 AM
Hiya, I'm Ollie. I'd be really keen on a Castlevania roleplay - admittedly I've only seen the series on Netflix, but I'm open to research and lore because I'm a big nerd in the first place.

I'm good at plots, easy to get on with, and I have more free time than I should right now so...Yeah, I'm a catch. *puts on sunglasses*

I don't roleplay with people under 18+, tell me your limits (I have none but I'll honor em), and I can write through Gdocs if you like but can only be contacted via Gmail.

oh, ps: I want to double, canon x oc is a fave, and my side of things is gonna be m// thanks babes! watch no one will respond to this...
Jan 14 2018, 09:23 AM

Hiya, I'm Ollie and I am under an incredible amount of stress and as a result, haven't slept well in a day or two - that is a bad introduction, but hey whatever. I'm 24, finishing college in May, and I kind of got ripped off by my school (hence the stress) and now I'm facing the crushing pressures of an adult life that until this point my education has guarded me against. How do I deal with this terror? Roleplay of course - because gosh darn it, I like to write. It's like therapy, only therapy costs money. Ha. Ha. I'm going to die.

Anyways, enough of my struggles! Here's a blorb of artfully aranged text, yay!

♥ I like long-term roleplays with partners who don't breathe down my neck about how often I reply (and I'll do the same for you). ♥ I love occ chat. ♥ I don't care how long your post is. ♥ If you feel a need to drop me have at it. ♥ I love plotting. ♥ I like romantic ships, all genders welcome, also very open to polyshipping. ♥ I lose my effin' mind over other peoples' ocs - sometimes I draw them, sometimes I go on and on about AU's where they are pirates or some nonsense. ♥ Doubling is fun!! ♥ This will be over email, but I have hangouts and discord to chat over! ♥ I have no limits. ♥ I'm cool with fetishes and uncomfortable subject matter. ♥ I'm a huge nerd. ♥ If I like you, we'll probably end up having multiple roleplays. I tend to stick around. ♥

Now, assuming you're still here and my very public nervous breakdown isn't scaring you away, let's touch on why you clicked this post. Hopefully, it's because it says MCU at the top -
otherwise, you're a member of the Russian-Grandma mafia and you can tell your babushka that she'll get my cotton cheesecake recipe when I'm GOOD AND READY.

I have what I consider a healthy knowledge of MCU canon? I've missed what FX is doing with mutants, and I think Runaways is on Hulu which I'm too cheap to have. I've also not seen AOS. HOWEVER, I've seen all of the films (even the ones Marvel doesn't want you to remember), know a few comic arcs, grew up watching and still watch various cartoon series - and ah yes, have wiki access. I am not being dramatic when I say, I can play just about anyone.

Heck, I'll even watch a series or movie if you'll give me time just to get a feel for a character. I'm that nice!

I guess I'll close out with a list of names to spark your imagination and my email address - fantastic. We made it to the end, I'm crying and my tears are blood.

Note please, these aren't in any particular order, though bolded ones are special, mostly because I have seen/done something with them recently.

The Punisher ♥ Luke Cage ♥ Daredevil ♥ Jessica Jones ♥ Captain America Thor ♥ Guardians of the Galaxy ♥ Spiderman ♥ The X-MenBlade ♥ Deadpool ♥ Doctor Strange ♥ Howard the Duck ♥ Iron Man♥ Ant Man ♥ Hawkeye ♥ Black Widow ♥ The Incredible Hulk ♥

An aside, I like DC too - rumor has it I play one hell of a John Constantine.

Nov 11 2017, 09:50 PM
I'm Ollie.

I'm 23 and I've been roleplaying for a very long time, I've kind of been quiet for a while. I miss the excitement of a new and interesting roleplay to respond to. I had some health problems that kept me out of the game, and I lost a few good roleplays to them - so if we know each other hit me up.

Tell me your limits when/if you email me, and if you have a plot in mind I want to hear it!

--Z Nation
--Criminal Minds

I play m/f,f//,m// and have no issues with trans characters. I'm perfectly good either writing smut or fading to black, and I'm chill about plots that focus more on relationships than stories.

Thank you.

Sep 7 2017, 11:27 PM
Hi, I'm Ollie, I've been here way too long and am back again on the hunt for a few good roleplays.

First, let's do this - about me stuffs.

I'm 23, a trans guy, and I'm a full-time student studying psychology. I live in the bible belt my time zone is EST.

Second, basic nonsense.

-I am friendly! I care, I'm a big old softie. I sound so mean in these posts but really, I'm chill,

-I don't mind waiting for a reply. I myself reply anywhere from once a week to three times a week, though if there's going to be a big change to my schedule I'll let you know.

-I'll never sweat post length unless it's a big deal to you. Generally, I range between three and five paragraphs.

-Typical limits that basically everyone has. I also don't like writing out gratuitous amounts of pointless smut or things that involve dub-con.

Thirdly, what I'm after.

Supernatural, and I mean the show. Not only do I mean the show but I mean a roleplay involving canon characters from the show. I love OCs, I'm eager to use them. The subtitle of this post says 'canons and ocs' but let me be clear, I do not want a totally oc roleplay (totally canon is cool though).

I have seen all twelve seasons, I've played every character at some point or another. I have plots that can go along with what's happened in canon, or that can break canon up and we make our own story. I'm absolutely happy doing either thing. I also have a young Bobby Singer plot I'd love the chance to try as well a lot of different takes on major plot points in the series.

Like I said before, totally OC things aren't my style but canon/oc or canon/canon? I'm cool with.

The only thing I'm not cool with is Wincest.

I'm good for any gender pairing dynamic, I'm also cool with polyships so long as it's not entirely one sided. I enjoy doubling, not going to lie, but I'm cool if you don't.

My email is, I also have hangouts (same email) and discord (Oliver Felix #9368).

See you there.

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