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 Gimme Somethin' Dirrrty {original settings}, smut heavy but not pwp
 Posted: Jul 10 2018, 07:15 PM

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Before I get into this, I will say I am open to other ideas and plots and characters! I just have one weird itch to scratch that's been in the back of my mind for a while. I'll detail is further down, but first, about me...

Hello! Call me Adora. I typically don't go so smut heavy in RPs, but I've had a weird craving lately to do something a little different. I've had probably over a decade of experience writing RPs. I can reply anywhere from every day to a couple times a week, depending on how busy work and life are. This will be over e-mail only.

I'm in my late twenties and would prefer my partner be 21 or older. I will absolutely not play against anyone under 18.

I really enjoy chatting OOC, sharing images and music and being dorks about our characters and world. I'm chill with my partners, so I can be very patient between replies. I might check in and see how you're doing if I don't hear from you for over a week, but it's not because I'm looking for a reply, I just want to make sure you're doing okay smile.gif Feel free to do the same to me.

I'll typically write about four paragraphs/350 words at minimum, often going to 700 words or higher. A lot of that depends on my partner and what's needed for the scene. I like getting into characters' heads and writing in the details of the world.

I love having a cast of side characters. I don't really enjoy traditional doubling, though.

LGBTQAI+ friendly. I'll play any and all pairings without any preference. For this RP, I want to play a male character as my main, but feel free to play whatever gender you want against him! I don't do set top/bottom roles, no matter what pairing it is.

Things I Like: space operas / space colonies / interstellar travel / supernatural / hidden worlds / demons / curses / dystopias / slow burn romance / intrigue / fantasy / DnD inspired / science fantasy / humanoid aliens / rainy coasts / weird deserts
I like fantastical settings, so don't feel limited by this list! About the only thing I'm not into is slice of life.


My characters are switches, but I also have some caveats for stuff we'll run into with the RP:

It's not my thing to have my main character be abusive. I can do it with a side character, but I tend to like having someone sympathetic as my main. I'd prefer for the relationship between our main characters to not be abusive, as well, if there's supposed to be romance between them. So I'm into my character occasionally being hurt, but he won't be doing it to anyone in return.

So here's my idea, and this I can make work in a sci-fi or fantasy setting: I want to play a character who is something like an indentured sex servant.
I don't want this to be all angsty. He isn't a shrinking violet, only submissive or so traumatized he can't function. He treats his position as a job... just one that can be an especially lousy job at times.

I have some ideas for him being under a contract to a noble or someone in the upper class, who basically uses him as a courtesan/entertainer until his indentured servitude is up.

Your character could be anyone, we'll figure out a way to make them fit together smile.gif maybe they're a part of the noble's family? Another servant like MC? Maybe MC is loaned out to yours for YC for some reason? MC helps yours out of trouble and YC doesn't know what he does until they run into each other in a very awkward second meeting?

I'd like to have some bigger plot going on, we can work it out together once we figure out what kind of setting and characters we'll be playing.

Also, I know we'll be dealing with things like dub- and possibly even non-con for this sort of idea, but I don't want the angst to overflow. There will be angst and trauma, I'm sure, but I also want some lightness and fun and adventure to break up the darker parts of the RP! While my character is getting the short end of the stick at the moment, he'll be making the best of a lousy situation.

Got something else along these lines you think I might be into? Hit me up! I just want to indulge the trash fire that I am and this is the main idea I had in mind. Feel free to toss out any other ideas! Or suggest something else, I'd love to chat and work something out that we'll both be excited about.

And now for some kink ideas.
interested in but not necessary:
public use as punishment
somnophilia/drugged sex
light bdsm
blindfolded with mystery partners

sure, why not, if you're into it:
fantasy and alien races with inhuman genitalia

not into:
anime tropes, especially seme/uke and nekos
a/b/o dynamics

limits/big nopes:
I avoid really extreme kinks like...

When you contact me, let me know a little about you and what you're looking for! Limits? What kind of character would you like to play? Any plot ideas? How dark/smutty do you want this RP? That kind of stuff. Tell me if there's anything on here you're into and/or your own limits and interests. I'll let you know if it's something I'd be into or not, I won't kink shame you smile.gif

Hope to hear from you!
 Posted: Jul 12 2018, 06:40 PM

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we have EXTREMELY similar niche interests, but i am discord-only at the moment. if you ever get into that, hit me up at outis#4320!
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