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May 6 2018, 08:51 PM
howdy. i'm eliza and this is my ad.

the basics

✔ twenty-four
✔ female
✔ doubles, triples, writes your trashy love triangles
✔ writes between 2-10 paragraphs per character
✔ all pairings, but will want mf for my side of the rp
✔ canon x oc
✔ sleepy
✔ the charles boyle to your jake peralta
✔ r/l face claims
✔ quality > quantity
✔ email or google docs

the good stuff

i'm weak at the knees for infinity war. i'd love to write something set after the events of the film, or during the lead-up. i have a couple of ideas that i can throw at you, but can absolutely remain spoiler free and use the earlier films as inspiration if you haven't seen infinity war yet.

i'd like write against a bucky, a doctor strange, or a peter quill, and can offer you any canon/canons from the cinematic universe. i'm most comfortable with clint barton, peter parker, and t'challa, but would love an opportunity to write natasha romanoff, steve rogers, tony stark, or sam wilson.

i have very few limits, but would prefer to avoid pwp or smut-heavy lines. please tell me if you have any limits, squicks, or triggers, so that i can avoid them. i'm very willing to deliver on any tropes, dynamics, or scenarios that you might like to see, and would love to hear more about your original characters. please send me your moodboards, your playlists, and your heart wrenching quotes.


if any of this sounds good, you can find me at
✔ eliza #1990
Dec 6 2017, 06:11 AM
after an impromptu trip and a broken laptop, i'm back. if we started chatting and i vanished, that's on me, and i'm very much available in the weeks leading up to christmas, and into 2018. so let's get to plotting!

about me:

. eliza

. mid-twenties

. third person, past tense, multi-para

. m/f, f//, m//

. doubles, triples, qaudruples, pentuples (?)

. replies once or twice a week

. pinterest freak

. big fan of irl face claims

. ditch friendly

currently seeking:

beauty is terror;

II trust fund kids II anything based on the secret history by donna tartt II vermont, rhode island, new hampshire, connecticut II murder + the cover-up II parents who aren't interested, aren't present, or don't care II cold, cold winters and dreamy, slightly surreal aesthetics II classics + greek mythology + english literature as a source of influence or inspiration II tight-knit cliques II young 'love' II late 1980s/early 1990s II nihilistic teens

regional gothic;

II southwestern gothic II southern gothic II old diners and crumbling churches II beautiful crime scenes, gruesome crimes II outlaws + lone rangers II criminals & crooks with hearts of gold II the old west II the deep south + secrets that ought to stay buried II unfriendly locals II mysterious, hooded figures II cults + congregations II glazed eyes and empty smiles II vast stretches of desert and louisiana bayous II witches II christianity + religion as a theme II angels & devils II ghost towns II


II the ballet + the bolshoi theatre II something inspired by black swan II intense, complicated female friendships II intense, complicated female relationships II the concept of 'beauty' II cigarettes and black coffee II winter mornings + snow on the sidewalk II new york, london, paris II sheer, gauzy tutus II studio apartments II psychological horror + crime or murder as a side plot II obsession II soft morning romances II

original superheroes;

II original superheroes II sprawling cities + dark alleyways II villains and heroes who mingle in their day-to-day lives II journalists + reporters, innocent bystanders II dark, intricate backstories II small moments of contentment & happiness II corrupt politicians and dirty cops II batman and birds of prey as inspiration II heroes without powers II femme fatales II villainous lady gangs, seeking revenge II a lingering feeling of loneliness & hopelessness II diners & functions II billionaires and their fancy toys II thieves and organized crime II questionable moral + ethical codes II enemies to lovers II

femme fatales;

II femme fatales, in love II bonnie & clyde as a source of inspiration II crime sprees that take place across various states II sleek cars II the 1950s/1960s as a setting II a list of names, checking each one off in turn II sleepy diners and hard liquor II soft curls and red lipstick II bank robberies, liquor stores, small towns authorities II cigarettes + a strong southern drawl II vigilante justice, of a fashion II

modern supernatural;

II modern supernatural II hunters, travelling through the heart of the usa II strange murders and demonic possessions II ghosts, werewolves, vampires II true blood and supernatural as a source of inspiration II close friendships II co-dependency II nightmares that are a little too real II a lifestyle that, in itself, becomes isolating II empty bars and cheap restaurants II silver bullets, stakes, scared townsfolk II a beat-up station wagon II mythology, folklore, and urban legends II 'we don't have much, but we have each other' II

Oct 29 2017, 04:24 PM
hi all.

it's been a while since i posted, but i'm ready to start writing again, and i'd love some new partners. if we've plotted with one another before, feel free to email me. chances are i was too embarrassed to contact you after disappearing into a whirlpool of 'real life' issues.

a little bit about me

└ i can write anywhere between 300-1000 words per character, with a preference for post lengths that fall somewhere in between.
└ doubling, tripling, love triangles, and poly relationships are all swell. i'll hook you and your ocs up with as many cinnamon rolls (or salty bagels) as humanly possible.
└ i'm comfortable writing all kinds of pairings, though i kindly ask that we keep things mf and ff on my end, with a few minor exceptions.
└ i adore face claims. feel free to request if there's a particular face you're dying to write against. i'm also happy to tailor my characters to you, if there's something specific that you're looking for.
└ oc x canon pairings are my jam, unless we're going original.
└ i'm an adult. it would be awesome if you were too!

fandoms i'm willing to write or use as inspiration

└ skins (uk)
└ stranger things
└ american gods
└ twin peaks
└ sons of anarchy
└ riverdale
└ star wars
└ bladerunner


└ southern and midwestern gothic, witches, old diners and forgotten towns
└ mermaids, small coastal towns, grey skies and thunderstorms
└ hollywood, super rich kids with nothing but fake friends, constant indulgence, whirlwind romances and front page scandals
└ small towns teens, up to no good, kicking around in their parents' cars and dreaming of bigger things, bad boys and good girls
└ supernatural, hunters and investigators, roadside bars and things that lurk in the shadows, big cities that still feel lonely
└ biker gangs, people who are bad to the bone and don't mind admitting it, corrupt cops and dusty californian towns

if any of this sounds good, you can find me at i look forward to hearing from you!
Feb 28 2017, 09:09 PM
Yo. Call me Eliza.

This is exactly what it says on the tin, tbh.

I recently caught up on GoT and would love to squeeze a few extra RPs into my already hectic schedule. I am studying full time and working part time, so I won't be able to respond daily, but I can generally manage 1-3 replies per week. I'll let you know if that changes, for any reason, and it would be awesome if you could extend the same courtesy to me. Long adverts aren't really my thing (ie. I suck at them), so I'll leave all the necessary info below. Feel free to hit me up. I'm pretty chill when it comes to ooc chatter, I promise.

Things I'm looking for include, but are in no way limited to,
  • third person, multi para, past tense
  • partners who are willing to double, or triple
  • complex, contradictory relationships (let's do the source material a favour)
  • both canon and au settings
  • collaborative plotting / world building / ect.
  • a focus on plot

Things I'm not looking for include,
  • pwp
  • an rp in which I'm doing all the work

I do have a list of pairings I'm interested in exploring, but it's far too long to include. Anyone willing to indulge my fondness for Myrcella/Trystane is an angel, and I'll give you anything you like in return. Heck, I may even delve into other fandoms for you.

The best way to contact me is via email (, though I may be convinced to write via skype or google docs.
Jan 24 2017, 05:30 PM
hi y'all.

some info on me:

early twenties
full time student (with a part time job on the side)
third person, past tense, 200+ words
all gender pairings
ditch friendly

some info on what i’m looking for:

cults, supernatural or otherwise, and the people who find themselves involved
savvy teens outsmarting scream-esque killers
small towns, strange occurrences
reluctant paranormal investigators
hollywood sadcore
fake relationships
morally ambiguous celebrities / politicians and their spouses
morally ambiguous ‘heroes’
crimes, the people who solve them and the people who commit them
witches, historical

if any of this sounds good, you can contact me at
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