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Oct 10 2017, 07:34 AM
Hi there! As the title suggests, I'm looking for modern and post-apocalyptic roleplay partners, only with F// pairings. Also super cool with genderqueer/genderfluid characters too. I could be tempted to try fantasy, but it's usually not my cup of tea.

My rules are pretty simple: Please be over 18, no one-liners (likewise, don't write me a novel every time; I'm looking for something fairly casual. 5k words, for example, may be a bit extreme), someone who can reply fairly regularly (daily would be cool, but sometimes I get busy and can take a few days to reply, so I'm flexible!), and someone who will let me know if they get bored or want to switch things up.

Also, I have no limits and would prefer if you're the same way. Let me know if you're uncomfortable with anything before we start. Obviously I'm interested in romance, and with that typically comes sex.

I have a few plot ideas mulling around in my brain, but am really interested in hearing what you're interested in playing first. I'm cool with most modern settings (summer romance, forbidden love, road trips, one-night-stands, drunken mistakes. I love super angsty stuff and drama as well as a fair dose of adorable fluff!), as well as post-apocalyptic ones (a geomagnetic storm would be sweet, a virus, zombies, fighting for survival, people splitting off into factions, pretty much whatever!).

As far as specific plots, some things that interest me right now:

- Two close friends running away together (maybe right after high school?), Maybe running from an abusive family or something bad that happened to one of them. They slowly realize that they're all they have in the world and somehow romantic feelings surface. Tons of potential for angst here, that we can come up with: maybe one has to return back to their home town, and their fantasy of running away and being together is shattered as they return to reality.

- An out/closeted dynamic. Not something that would resolve quickly either. Maybe one character is super in denial about their feelings, and once something starts between them they pass it off as a 'friends with benefits' or experimenting type of thing, but it slowly becomes more serious, with the character who's put getting invested and hurt that the other won't admit they have feelings.

Let me know if you're interested.

Jan 29 2017, 11:04 PM
Please be 21+!!

To reiterate, I'm only interested in F// pairings currently (non-binary/genderqueer is cool too!). I'm down to try the following genres: modern, post-apocalyptic, fantasy/medieval, and open to other suggestions. I'm not hard to sway, especially if you have a plot in mind. smile.gif

I have a lot of time on my hands, and generally reply quickly (within a few hours) -- really interested in someone who replies multiple times a day, but would be okay with close to one a day, too!

• Romance. I want there to be some kind of romance, eventually -- nothing instant, and the more angst in the relationship the better. Smut is cool too. I also love interesting, tough relationship dynamics.
• No limits, including sex, violence, language, drug use... and so on.
• Plot. I don't roleplay to explore my "kinks" and don't care about yours, either. I care about our characters'.
• Email. Would like to do this over email, but could be convinced otherwise.

I mostly just want someone willing to work with me. I am happy to explore your plots, but if you simply ask me "so what do you want to do?" without giving me anything to work with I'm going to be lost. Tell me what sort of relationship you'd like to play out. Some kind of forbidden love? Do you want a plot full of action and excitement? Want to build a huge backstory and world for our characters? Or would you rather have a simple, adorable romance? Let me know!
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