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 pure imagination, odds and ends
 Posted: Feb 10 2018, 09:37 PM

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I’m in the market for a couple more roleplays to keep me occupied during this last bit of winter. My ideal partners are over 18 and able to reply at least once a week. Ideally those replies would be multiple paragraphs and in third person POV but I’d prefer to talk to my partners to get a good idea of what we’re both expecting. I play all genders and pairings. Throw your trans characters at me so I can can love them too. Also I can double or something if you’d want that. Either way I’d appreciate it if my partner can juggle secondary characters so I’m not fleshing out the entire plot by myself. Right now I only want to write through email or gdocs. Sorry guys.

And fair warning when I get invested in a plot you’ll be bombarded with pinterest boards, playlists, memes, and enthusiastic casting so it’d be nice if we can talk out of character/you’re interested in those sorts of things.

Some of what I want is fandom and some of it’s original. In general though it would be helpful to keep in mind that I love banter and slow burn relationships more than anything else. I prefer to mix my fluff and angst to avoid having too much of either and smut is kind of on a case by case basis. Dark themes can always be fun but are also not required.

With original things I prefer to stick to historical, fantasy, or slice of life mostly. From time to time I’ll also get into the post apocalyptic genre and I’m also intrigued by steampunk. If you want to throw out some ideas in those genres then I’m completely open to them. I’m sure we can find something we both enjoy.

Some random ideas include monsters and their human partners, cults, class differences, underground corporations, arranged marriages, friends to lovers, and yes, even the age old accidental pregnancy thing.

As far as characters go I have a lot including a single dad who’d love a daycare worker or teacher, an illegal street fighter who would be a sucker for the boss’ kid (or boss’ sidepiece), a wealthy socialite who’d love a fwb to sneak off with during boring parties, and a married couple who’d love a third/sugar baby to bond with. Not that I’m limiting things to that. I’ve got your ghost girls, your partly malevolent supernatural creatures, your wealthy CEOS, and so forth.

And then there’s fandoms and I feel like it’s pretty self explanatory. When possible I italicized who I’d prefer to play. If nothing’s italicized then I’m probably neutral.

Game of Thrones: Sansa/Margaery, Jon/Dany, Jamie/Brienne, and lots of others. I can also play Cersei, Oberyn, Robb, Gendry if the right person comes up. I’d also love to use some OCs here. I have some Targaryens from pre-show canon and some Free Folk that I’d especially like to work with but I’ll work with you to come up with other things as well. Modern aus or plots based on the war of five queens could be neat too.

Outlander: Jamie/Claire.

Star Wars: I’ve only really played Poe/Finn but I’d love to play with other ships too. I’m still fairly new to this fandom.

Harry Potter: Draco/Hermione, Luna/Ginny, Ginny/Hermione, Teddy/Victoire, James/Lily, Remus/Sirius, Fred/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Remus/Tonks, and so many others. I can play about a dozen other characters like Bellatrix, Charlie, etc if asked so don’t be shy. I’ll also do OCs. One other thing to note is that I’d love to do a roleplay with a happy triad or quad. Maybe with the silver trio or the marauders.

The Shadowhunter Chronicles: Alec/Magnus, Jace/Clary, Luke/Maryse, Maia/Izzy, Simon/Izzy, Will/Tessa, Will/Jem/Tessa, Julian/Emma, Clary/Izzy, Mark/Kieran(/Cristina?), Kit/Ty, and a lot of others. I can play other characters and I love OCs. I kind of want to explore Sebastian more too so email me if you’re up for talking that out.

Runaways: Nico/Karolina. I know enough about the comics to work with that as well. I might be okay with doing OCs too.

Lucifer: Chloe/Lucifer.

Power Rangers: Trini/Kimberly.

Star Trek:
Kirk/McCoy or Kirk/Spock would be my main choices. OCs would be nice here for sure.

Supergirl: Lena/Kara, Alex/Maggie, maybe others. If I can play Lena I’ll probably go along with whatever.

The Flash: Barry/Iris.

The Hunger Games: Annie/Finnick, Katniss/Johanna. I’d be interested in exploring some OCs in a pre-rebellion universe too.

I’ll make it as easy as I can. I play Dean, Charlie, and Sam mostly. Go wild with that. OCs are great in this universe and I’d also be kind of intrigued by doing a John/Mary plot pre-series.

The Vampire Diaries: Bonnie/Kai, Stefan/Caroline, Stefan/Elena. I can play others and characters from The Originals might be possible. I’d also love to see a good Katherine!

Until Dawn: Mike/Jess, Sam/Beth, and literally everything else. I can work among the entire garbage squad, just ask.

Hannibal: Hannibal/Will.

Twilight: Alice/Bella or Alice/Rosalie.

That’s pretty much it. If you’re interested in anything I mentioned here feel free to email me. I’d love to know a little bit about you, your interests, and any ideas you might have to share. I’ll get right back to you.
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