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Posted by: XANDER Sep 17 2013, 02:23 PM
  1. No explicit images in your posts, whether they be graphic violence or graphic sex.

  2. Do not link to explicit material without a clear warning.

  3. We have no control over what you put on your ad or website, and you accept responsibility for your content. We do not regulate what you want to write or how you want to write it, but you are expected to be respectful of members who may not want to write what you want to write.
Moderators will employ discretion when reviewing ads reported by users. Ads are reportable if a user finds the content of the ad to be grossly objectionable (e.g. pedophilia). Reports are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

You are allowed to create new ads and let your old ones fall to the bottom. We will leave all ads and all posts up unless you to have it deleted.

There are no limits on how many topics you make or how often you bump your posts.

  1. We aim to make BARBERMONGER a pleasant and safe place for all users. Just as with ads, we forbid explicit images within posts, and we require a warning for links to explicit material.

  2. Content that could be considered discriminatory or harassing will result in asking the user to edit or delete such content.

  3. While harsh responses within discussion are not against the rules, we encourage our members to express their displeasure with people coherently.

  4. We want to keep the cbox a relaxed and welcoming place both for users and for random passers-by! In the event that your discussion with another user gets emotionally heated in the chatbox, please consider the following options: 1) walk away long enough to cool down before returning to the conversation; 2) let the topic drop; 3) take it to PM.

  5. If you have a question on anything, just ask! The moderators are here to help. If your question is something that applies to the entire forum, as opposed to a specific situation, we may take it and post the answer here.
All of these rules also apply to the chatbox.

If you feel uncomfortable with a situation or you are unsure if a rule has been broken, feel free to contact for case-by-case evaluations.

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