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May 28 2017, 02:13 AM
Ad Last Updated: 7/12/17

Hello everyone! It's once again your friendly neighborhood Lewi! It's been awhile since I have posted a proper ad outside of my little craving ads along, and I am looking for partners! It's SUMMER YAYYYY! And things have calmed down, the semester has ended, some personal things have worked out, and I am readily available to reply quickly and frequently. Of course I have no qualms about waiting either. I am a patient person, the statement about me replying quick and frequent was more so for your benefit. ^.^ Without further distraction, lets hop right into it shall we?

My Rules, Contacts, and General Information

I have very few "rules" so to speak, and I am willing to bend on most of them. Most of below is my general rp behavior and my contacts. I'm not a total stickler, so feel free to drop me an email, hangout, PM, or skype message (will be listed momentarily) and we can discuss. I'm not a difficult person to get along with I promise. For your convenience, I have bolded the important parts.

1. I rp MxF pairings only.

2. I prefer to play female but I do have some male characters in my arsenal.

3. I will double but I prefer to do so in TWO SEPERATE rps unless we plot otherwise or it's fandom.

5. My writing length varies with my partners. I tend to match who I am writing with, but on average I can write a 5-6 bulky paragraph introduction and my replies slim down to around 2-3 bulky paragraphs unless you'd prefer otherwise. I can do more or less, that's just my average.

6. I will rp either over skype, forum, or email. I rarely am on here other than to look at ads or post ads, so please contact me using the three listed below. You may also find me from time to time chilling on the site's discord chat. You will be answered much quicker though if you try skype, email, or hangouts.

Email: Please let me know you're from LiveJournal

lewi_meeks Please let me know you're from LiveJournal

Hangouts: Please let me know you're from LiveJournal

7. I will fade to black on sex scenes. I don't mind sex in a rp, I just don't like writing it out.

8. If we are doing a fandom based rp, I prefer either Oc x Oc or Oc x Canon pairings. No preference between those two, but Canon x Canon loses my interest. Or taking the universe and using that with all Ocs is something I will also do.

9. I am a frequent replier and a quick replier, but you don't have to be! I can give quick, frequent replies, or I can join a longer, more infrequent rp and still have interest. So if I message you asking about you, don't feel perturbed! I am also a talker and like to get to know my partners XD Just cause I am asking how you are doesn't mean I am hounding you for replies. I like to befriend my partners.

10. As stated above, I also love to talk! So please feel free to chat with me if you feel like it!

11. Also if it's something you need to know, I am a 22 year old female.

Pretty sure that's everything! If you have a question, or suggestion, please don't hesitate to contact me!

My Current Cravings

Here I am going to list my cravings. These are a combination of plot ideas, pairings, and characters I am craving to use in no particular order. If it's a character idea, and you're interested, you can message me with one of your characters or plot ideas that you think would make for an interesting roleplay with said character. Below this will be listed some other things I rp, so you're not limited to just this list! I also take suggestions too! If I am REALLY wanting something it will be highlighted in red and italicized!

I am always game for something to do with family/pregnancy. I HAVE TWO CHARACTERS AND PLOTS WITH THIS ONE! They're not listed on here, but message me and I can tell you about it. :3 (perhaps something victorian era?)

Youtubers (PLEASE!!)





The Great War (This is a plot idea listed down in the plot section!)

Vicorian Era Romance (I HAVE AN IDEA FOR THIS ONE)

Pirate x Noblewoman


Light Elf x Dark Elf (PLEASE)

Forbidden Romance



SCP Containment Breach/SCP Wiki

Demi-God x Demi-Goddess

Demi-God/Goddess x Human

Attack on Titan (I am up to date with the subbed anime! If you are behind me don't worry, I won't spoil you!)

Slice of life

Greek Pantheon (LOVE THESE! Message me for more details!)

Roman Pantheon

Norse Pantheon

Modern or Medieval Fantasy (plot for this listed down in the plot section!)

The Hunger Games

Five Nights at Freddy's (Would love this since it's so hard to find. Would love someone who'd plot with me here)

Deception (This is a plot idea I have listed below. Really wanting someone to help me develop on this one!)

SUGGESTIONS! I am really wanting to try some new things! Feel free to suggest!


Now onward to my Fandoms! These include any videogames, animes, or other pre-made things I am willing to rp. My cravings are marked with an asterisk.


Naurto Shippuden
Attack on Titan*
ATLA (Avatar the Last Airbender)
The Legend of Korra
Fairy Tail
Howl's Moving Castle
Sprited Away
SAO (Sword Art Online)
Black Butler
Death Note
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Dance with Devils
Diabolik Lovers
Planet of the Beast King

Suggest I may have forgotten some!


Harvest Moon
Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed: Black Flag
Five Nights at Freddy's*
Stardew Valley
Slime Rancher
SCP Containment Breach*

Suggest I may have forgotten some!


Dirty Dancing*
LOTR (Lord of the Rings Trilogy)
The Hobbit Trilogy
How to Train Your Dragon
The Hunger Games (all 4 of them)
Most Disney Films*
Rise of the Guardians*


The Hunger Games (all of it)


SCP Foundation*
Monster Girls (from monster girl encyclopedia. Ask about which ones I will play or link me to the one you want.)
Two Kinds
Dungeons and Dragons
Dice Games

Eras, Time Periods, Universes, Characters, and Special Settings

Quite a few time periods that I have found interesting, enjoyable, or that I will roleplay. Fantasy elements can be added to any of them! Or we can go historical if that's what you'd like.



Victorian Era

Decades (50s, 60s, 70s, 80s etc.)*

Medieval Era*


Wild West


Post Apocalyptic*


Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Roman Pantheon (Love these settings!)*

Greek Pantheon (Love these settings!)*

Norse Pantheon (Love these settings!)*

Forbidden Romance*


I will also take fandom universes and just insert our characters

Suggest others!

Odd Pairings

Here are some odd pairings I have done or am interested in doing. We can plot around the pairings. The character I would prefer to play is in italics, but I am flexible so I could probably be easily swayed out of my preferred role. If there are no italics I will play either.

Angel x Human

Angel x Demon

Angel x Angel

Demon x Human

Light Elf x Dark Elf*

Magical Creature x Magical Creature

Magical Creature x Human

Pregnant Woman x Old Friend *

Pregnant Woman x Stranger *

Old Friends Reuniting

City x Country

x Master

Butler x Maid

Mermaid x Sailor

Mermaid x Mermaid

Mermaid x Human

Wizard x Human

x Human

God x Human

Goddess/God x Demigod

Demigod x Demigod*

Demigod x Human*

Goddess x God

Master x Slave

Princess/Prince x Knight

Princess/Prince x Commoner

Pirate x Other*

Vampire x Human

Vampire x Magical Creature

Suggest! I'm certain there's more than this I have done, I am just drawing a blank.


I have a few plots I have thought up recently, some relating to characters I have been wanting to play and others just randomly there or inspired by things I have seen/read. Feel free to suggest plots of your own!

*The Sapphire Six - This plot is inspired by a snow fairy character I have. I am open to suggestions or other spins on this idea you may have. In a war torn land where fairies are hunted and their wings are sawn off for profit, there's a legend of a set of six magical sapphire crystals that hold an immense power. Legend tells that these crystals were once owned by an ancient society of rare snow fairies, but since the wars started looking for these powerful artifacts, the snowy kingdom vanished. Now the only trace left of the ancient society of snow fairies or the powerful crystals they possessed is the snowy forest in the north that is in a land of eternal winter, but no one who has entered the tundra has ever returned. When a thief gets adventurous/decides that he is going to find these artifacts, he gets lost/injured/is about to freeze to death in the forest where one of these ancient snow fairies finds him, and having a big heart, she takes him straight to the heart of what was thought to be a lost kingdom.

Stranger than Fiction
(yes I know this is the name of a movie but I couldn't help myself lol)- This plot can be in a modern setting or a medieval setting. Either works. This plot centers aronud my character, a human, falling through a portal into a realm of unknown proportions that is the exact opposite of the realm that she comes from. She falls into a realm of fantastical fantasy, unbridled beauty, and wonderously outrageous acts defying the physics of her world. In this magically driven wonderland, she meets someone who helps her through this new landscape, and tries to make sense of what has happened to her. Can she find a place here? Will she ever find her way home? Or will she find a reason to stay?

Raising Cain - This plot is about how an angel and a demon come together to make an interesting pair. You'd be playing Cain (or some version thereof i'm not too picky lol) who if you didn't know from the bibile, committed the first act of murder in the bible by killing his own brother. But in this world, Cain is not only cursed and marked with the infamous mark of Cain on his face that shows he was shunned by god for killing his own brother, but he becomes a demon. How that happens I will leave up to you. The curse of Cain is that he shall bear the mark of Cain and that any who should do harm unto him shall have harm done unto them tenfold. Even if it is accidental. So when he meets an unexpected stranger and lets her into his shell, what happens when it is found to be that she's an angel of forgiveness gifted with the divine power to forgive such a heinous act if he truly is sorry? Also, if it would make the plot more interesting for you, we can make it so that they don't know who the other is, or even that they don't know what they really are until later in the story.

- This plot is inspired by a king character I have. I am open to suggestions or other spins on the idea you may have. A young kind is thrust into power at a young age and falls head over heels for his queen. What he doesn't know is that the queen is decieving him and is in love with an enemy king that he is unaware of. They plan a surprise attack and take the kingdom by force and force him out. Now he's alone and has a mistrusting heart of ice. Is it possible for someone to melt it?

Icy Hearts
- This plot was inspired by a little picture that I spotted online that shipped Elsa and Jack Frost. I absolutely LOVED this concept. I thought it was very cute and I would love to explore it more, and I would actually even be willing to take Jack Frost and Elsa out and replace them with our own characters keeping the Frozen universe and character roles if that would be something you'd like. Basic plotline is that theres a girl who has ice powers. She has very little control of them/a fear of them or some kind of a complex or negativity towards her powers. Somehow she runs into a guy who has the same powers, but a very good control of them, and he sees they're nothing to be afraid of or frustrated at. They fall in love.

Color to My World
- This plot is about a universe in which everyone has a set soul mate. That soulmate will be identified to that person because everything anyone sees is in black and white, but when they touch their soulmate, it brings color to their world and lights it up in beauty.

If I Could Turn Back Time - I'm sure EVERYONE in the RP-verse has seen this one, but it usually winds up pretty cute and such when it gets going. This plot is set in a world where a person can choose whether or not to have a clock implanted into their wrists that counts down until the very moment when they're supposed to meet their true loves. When they do meet, sometimes your soul mate isn't always what you'd think.

*The Great War
- So this plot is a really old one of mine, but I think it had a good concept. Someone to help me refine it would be great! This idea is basically a large war with multiple sides! It is in a high fantasy setting and the sides of the war would be comprised of different races of fantasy creatures. Our characters could be from the opposing sides, same sides, etc. But I wanted to explore a decent cast of wide variety from different places, species, sides, and classes during this war and how it effects them. We can work out the sementics of where the sides lie if you're interested in this idea because it's open to tweaking, otherwise I have a basic idea in my head for where the sides lie. There would be the "good" side, the "bad" side, a "neutral" party, and then I had the idea that halflings in this world are seen as the lowest of the low on the totem pole seen as mere slaves with no rights. The rich in this universe would even sometimes send them to the battlefront to fight for them so they don't lose ACTUAL men in the war. This idea is very rough and open to edits, but I would love to get it back in working condition again!


Skype: lewi_meeks
May 28 2017, 12:34 AM
Hello everybody! I am your friendly neighborhood Lewi! Looking to make many new friends, find many a roleplay partner, and spaz over my vast collection of animals lol. so....Ellie May out!
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