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Nov 17 2017, 11:36 PM

Three years later, I don't have anything but superheroes and capes on my mind. I am a doubling maniac. I want two love stories. Personally, I think I play a great Steve Rogers, but doesn't everyone? I briefly worked in comics, so I also like playing the rarer characters. Or Tom Hiddlestone's Loki, he is a blast. Give me your favorite protagonist. Mine is a mutant medic who was once/is a SHIELD agent. I like playing against Phil Coulson or Tony Stark. Any gender is fine. Or love triangles. I prefer bonding teams and fluff to any major drama.

I love Marvel! Ain't nothing better than heroes!

Hit me up @
Feb 18 2015, 05:04 PM
My search is singular today. I want superheros.

I love a good origin story. Let's form a new team, one that isn't backed by government agencies, but by a bitter fallen hero.

Doubling is required for this roleplay. Romance usually gets in there, but I'm not picky on the pairings. I feel comfortable playing any canon male in the Marvel Cinematic Universe along side my female OC. Her name isn't Mary, don't worry.

My email is
Jan 25 2015, 04:04 PM

How do?

I'm KetchupEnthusiast, a twenty-two-year-old in search of a roleplay with all the bells and whistles. Some bells and whistles provided; not all.

I double, you double, fun is had by all. Though I always like canons to be involved in the role-play, I LOVE OCs. Creating them, interacting with them-- seriously, you guys come up with some truly creative characters, so bring them on.

Respond to me what you want. Do you. I'm a busy lady. Longer replies will take a longer time, especially because I have a loved few of those going on right now. I can be wordy. I can be brief. It is all good.

Plotwise, I am craving tender, affectionate moments with the backdrop of total chaos. Or either, really.

Super character driven plots rule, man.

There are some really nifty plots I have, ranging from fluff to action. I really like mixing all the parts together.

Crossovers are neat-o. Can you imagine how pumped the students at the Intitute would be to be taught tactical maneuvers by Cap?

I also have a Harry Potter crossover ideas.

In the Marvel-verse, I am most familiar with the movies and the various animated series, though I'm working on my comic knowledge slowly but surely.

The canons I feel comfortable portraying are: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Loki Laufeyson, Bruce Banner and Kurt Wagner. I'm willing to give anyone the old college try, though, with a little bit of guidance.

I would prefer to roleplay over email, Skype or gdocs. To get me to go over threads or PM, you'll have to offer up something real sweet and rad.

I think that about covers it.

PM me here, if you'd like, or email me at
Dec 14 2014, 04:33 AM

I'm Es. I am a chill twenty two year old who has had this dastardly plot running around my head. It's really a shame.

So, I want a role-play where we both double. I don't care about length, so please don't be intimidated by that. I really just want an experience that's mutually enjoyable for both parties. OCs are welcome, though I would really like to be Hermione and a canon from Marvel.

I have some basic plot ideas within this universe.

I would also do either a Marvel or a Harry Potter role-play separate from one another.

Holler at a player,
Nov 25 2014, 04:51 AM

I'm a charming twenty two year old searching for a riveting role-play with all the bells and whistles.
Some bells and whistles provided; not all.

I have a few guidelines. I'm really chill, guys, fret not.

I prefer to double. There's no way I would force you to do anything, but I'd like you to as well.
I have few qualms about length. Give me something to reply to, whether it's two sentences or two pages. My responses are at least two paragraphs. My limits include acting out non-con/dub-con, kids, animals, bodily secretions, and anything wicked gross. Occasionally I'm not in the mood to write smut, so respect that, yeah? I usually play an OC and a canon.

Please, let's plot. I am a giving partner--angst, fluff, romance, drama, adventure, I would love to send it your way. Help me out as well?
As for pairings, I've only ever tried mxf, but I would be interested in trying fxf.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Harry Potter x Marvel Crossover
A well-plotted Harry Potter

Wow. So many options.

My email is
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