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Apr 27 2018, 09:19 PM
okaaay so i'm obv looking for a few rps. i have like 2 going on that are pretty strong but other than that, i'm still looking.

a little about me
- name's cara, 23, EST
- i work two jobs and a full time student so there's that
- howeeeverrr, i'm always on my laptop as that's where a majority of all my work is, and i'm always around to send some replies. i also generally let you know if i'll be gone or if i can't respond for a few days, yada yada
- prefer to rp over email but i'll chat over gchat/hangouts or something
- prefer to play female or double (what a surprise)
- sometimes i end up in the hospital for a few days at a time, so if i don't respond or it's taken a while, just send me another email.
- i guess just ask me if you wanna know something about me

limits - i'm cool with mostly everything except for the following:
- pedophelia
- incest
- scat, mpreg, toilet play, etc
i'm cool with intense violent and gore, cursing, abuse, rape, etc. we should totally discuss those things before hand and make sure they play a role in the rp instead of just mindless shit.
- also, i fade to black sometimes because writing smut can get tedious. and i'm not really here for smut centric rps.

things i would like you to be:
- 18+
- not a dick
- chill

now for the fun stuff

fandoms - i prefer oc/canon, or oc/oc. (i have plots for some of these)
MCU - i'm always looking for a cap, and i'm pretty down to play most characters for ya.
TWD - i haven't finished the most recent season, but you can tell me about it and we can decide from there. i'll play mostly anyone.
harry potter - i only really do the golden trio universe, and i can play anyone your heart desires but i'm looking for draco. also have a plot for this one
westworld - never done this but down to discuss
DCU/batman - i have experience playing bruce because i love playing him. not sure who i want to be played for me, but throw your ideas at me because it can go anywhere.
american gods - give me mad sweeney and i'll give you my left arm.

don't really have a list for this but i have a word bank:
prostitutes, drugs, murder, mental disorders, codependency, aliens, AI, space and ships, long convoluted plots, post-apoc, zombies, desolate lands, vampires werewolves sucubbi etc, abuse, love/hate relationships, dirty cops, corruption.

i have a few plots also floating in my head.

i generally like darker role plays with some serious drama and generally unhappy and suffering characters.

i have some movies/shows that i like to base things off of: a quiet place, den of thieves, looper, american psycho, alien, handmaids tale, westworld, being human, my mind is blank but throw something at me.

anywhooo, you can contact me at

i think i've said most of what is in my head.

Jul 12 2017, 12:36 PM
Nov 22 2016, 01:23 PM
my name's cara and obviously I'm looking for a role play; just some background: i'm 20+, current college kid with a part time job. i've been roleplaying since the good ol' days on neopets and clearly i never stopped.

i require my partners to be 18+, and for them to be clear about their limits because i'm pretty clear about mine: no scat,incest or pedophilia. i can fade to black or we can write it out, whatever works at the time. smut's cool and all depends on the role plays.

i typically write in third person, past tense. play m/f but i can take a try at f//, preferring to double in most role plays. and usually roleplay over email since it's the easy for me to keep tabs on and stay consistent because it's definitely a more mobile option for me

right now, i'm craving darker plots with themes of violence and more.

particularly an AU Harry Potter, where potter is dead and voldie ended up winning the battle of hogwarts. the pairing i prefer is canon/oc. particularly looking for someone to play malfoy and i will play a canon character of their choice, but keep in mind that the plot is based off a type of slave/master idea and the rise of evil amongst the wizarding world. just ask more about the plot and i'd love to elaborate.

another craving is a dark role play involving a serial killer and his best friend. i can also modify it to involve doubling of a cop and a the serial killer's girlfriend and some twisted love triangle with drama and violence and death.

another plot is an MCU plot based off of captain america & bucky - their lives pre ww2, during, and present times. this is also a canon/oc based plot. i play bucky and an oc & i'm looking for a cap!

also have an idea for a plot based off of looper and drug dealing and prostitution and time travel etc etc.

there's a plot i have concerning a cult out in the Midwest and agents stuck undercover etc.

^^ those are all darker themes, but i do do a range of things so just send an email with what you're craving and we can see if we can figure it out.


Oct 23 2015, 01:19 AM
hiiii, guys!

my name's cara and obviously i'm looking for a role play.

i have a few plots in particular, both are fairly dark. i'm interested in the nitty gritty: drugs, addiction, toxic relationships, mental illness, murder/serial killing, abuse, violence and blooood everywhere.

right now, my particular craving is platonic that has potential to turn romantic & has a little bit of an american psycho feel.

the other plot has to do with a prostitutuon ring/drug bust that involves doubling at two pairings.

i have characters in mind for each of these plots, so just inquire about them and we can discuss.

i'm also open to anyone else's ideas: i do some fandoms. walking dead, captain america, breaking bad, and shit my mind is blanking.

if you have any ideas, throw them at me and we can figure it out? i also do post apoc, zombies, demons, vampires and werewolves.

which actually, i also have an idea that has to do with supernatural creatures living in a modern world, but it's a generally dark idea.

i don't have many limits. i curse way more than i should and the more blood and violence the better. smut depends on the role play and if it fits or not; sometimes i fade to black, sometimes i write it out - all depends on the context and relation to the plot. no beastiality, pedophilia, or bathroom play. rape and sexual abuse isn't off limits but it needs to be roleplayed maturely and contribute to the plot.

uhm i'm 21, a female, in college alladat.

if u have any questions, let me know?

looking forwards to hearing from you guys ^^
Apr 9 2015, 09:39 PM
hi y'all i'm looking for some role plays obviously.

i guess some stuff about myself:
name's cara, 20+, EST. i'm a full-time student with a part-time job (which sometimes is a full-time job). however, i get replies out at least once a day, if not more & i'll let you know if i'll be gone for any extended amount of time.

i don't have many limits besides sometimes i'll wanna fade to black, and i'm not into incest or age gaps - they can be mentioned if it has to do with the plot or something but i don't support it and i refuse to role play it. i'm all for violence and gore so throw that at me & i curse a hell of a lot so there's no problem for me there.

i generally only do mxf in terms of romantic pairings, but i'll do platonic pairings too and maybe fxf. i typically roleplay as female but i'll double or play male depending on the plot.

as for what i'm looking for right now:
i'm craving something dark, sinister and possibly violent. serial killers, murder, crime organization, drug rings, human trafficking, etc. i like world building so it doesn't have to be set in this day & age (perhaps a more futuristic approach?)

i've also been in the mood for an rp involving prostitution, cops, a drug lord, & and an amateur dealer (sort of have a plot for this idea). also into the idea of prostitutes and clients or sex workers and friends/family. i generally like the idea of exploring people's characters outside of their "job" - drug dealing, hit men, sex work, etc.

another idea i've been interested in is exorcism, demons, succubi, etc. i have a plot which is more platonic based off of jennifer's body if anyone's interested ^^

i also do fandoms: harry potter, captain america (i have experience playing bucky & that's about it, the walking dead, american horror story, etc. just suggest & we can work from there.

i usually rp over email and a lot of the times they get deleted off of my phone - so if i stop answering or you're expecting a reply and i have yet to send you one, just email me again.

i can rp over tumblr if need be, and i suppose skype but i'd like it if you emailed me first @

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