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Sep 14 2017, 11:21 AM
Hey. I'm Arthur, I'm 21, trans (he/him), and super gay. And I miss roleplaying. I haven't really touched it since January and I want to try to get back into it.

I have a website here but it's certainly not an all encompassing list.

Things I really like: merm-people, gays, demons, supernatural stuff in general, monsterboys, cowboys/Wild West, and domesticity.

Aside from the cravings marked on my site, I'm really, really wanting to play a trans man character against other men. (Also only interested in m// in this time.) There will be sex and I have a bunch of ideas if you're interested.

Limits: honestly? Not much. What limits I do have are kink-related so just ask if curious. Regardless, I'll respect whatever limits you have. I will not pressure you into anything that you don't want to do, though keep in mind I'm not looking for roleplays where everything is super fluffy and nothing bad ever happens. Darker themes are my jam, and I do really like smut (not really looking for PWP though).

Contact is listed on my site but email is: returnofmorningstar at gmail

Edit: If we had something going on before I metaphorically died and you'd like to continue, just let me know.
Nov 9 2016, 03:24 PM
'sup everyone! I'm going to make this board separate from my other one because hopefully making this one will draw in a different crowd.

Anyway, I'm looking for something Borderlands/Tales of the Borderlands related. Really looking for Rhys/Handsome Jack AUs over OC Vault Hunters but both are good. I do not have any plots in mind for OC Vault Hunters, but surely we can come up with something. I do, however, have plenty of AUs to pick from. Some are listed below:

The Little Mermaid [Mermaid/Pirate]
Rival CEOs
A/B/O Dynamics (I have several ideas for this)
...and that's all I can think of at the moment. The list will update occasionally.

I don't particularly have a character preference for Rhys or Jack.

Limits: I have almost none. It's, like, four kinks. That's it. That being said, I respect any and all limits that someone else might have. Feel free to let me know if you think a line is going to be crossed that you aren't comfortable with. I do like smut though, so keep that in mind. I won't fade to black every time.

Expectations: I don't have many of these either. Honestly, if you have decent grammar and can give me something to reply to, I'm golden. I like replies at least twice a week but I understand that people don't always put roleplaying before personal lives.

Contact me at

If I haven't responded to your email in four days (this includes replies) feel free to poke me because Gmail likes to eat emails.
Jun 30 2016, 04:55 PM
Update 10/28/16: Website link is fixed! Sorry to anyone who tried it and couldn't get it to load. I also added a new plot and modified my cravings. =)

Since smut can bring the roleplay to a halt if it happens too much or goes on too long, we'll need to find a balance. While the request of a mix of smut and story is not unusual, this is a little more complicated than that. I'm looking for someone willing to co-create a quality narrative with a strong romance (no cliche love triangles, unless we want to) and a good dosage of smut. Just because our characters are out saving the world or doing something equally as cool, why do their sex lives have to come to an end?

Personally, my limits are few and far in between. Gore and swearing are fine, as are tense subjects like drug use/abuse, domestic violence, self-harm, etc. as long as these subjects are treated with respect. For sex scenes, they can be vanilla or kinky; we can discuss it.

On length: I don't have a minimum post length. Minimum post lengths stress me out and make me less likely to reply. However, I do give good replies with enough information for you to create a reply. My posts are usually about a paragraph, maybe two, with more on rare occasions.

We can do any type of genre or pairing and work with it. Want to do medieval fantasy? Great. Pirates? Awesome. Historical fantasy? Right on. Modern fantasy (my personal favorite)? Cool. Time travel? Definitely. Even realism is on the table!

Can't think of any ideas? I have a whole list of plots here:

** = biggest interest

My newest craving is country boy x city boy. I don't have a particular plot written out anywhere but I do have some ideas.
**Let's do something with fruit bat vampires! They need fruit instead of blood to survive. Can be paired with the above city x country boy concept in a cute way. Ask about it for details.
Another new one is A Little Mermaid retelling where instead of marrying a prince and living happily ever after in a castle, the mermaid falls in love with a pirate king (who might be royalty) and becomes his right-hand man. This particular plot involves worldbuilding and some supernatural(ish) elements.
**One craving I have plot about a recently divorced/widowed (or he could be still married) man who falls in love with his male nanny. I'm open to either character but I have an interesting guy (whose night job is being a stripper) for the babysitter role who I really want to play.
**Or let's do something with newlyweds. smile.gif Men in their mid-twenties to early thirties, enjoying their marriage from the beginning. <3
Another craving is good step-brother/bad step-brother. Plot is on my website.
**My last (and only fandom) craving is Borderlands. Preferably OC Vault Hunters, unless someone wants to play Handsome Jack to my Rhys. (And I would be indebted to you forever.)<-- Please?

I only roleplay over email, and I can be reached at

Hope to hear from some of you lovelies soon! biggrin.gif
May 6 2016, 11:33 PM
I really want to do a roleplay with A/B/O dynamics. I'm not looking for useless, weak little omega boys who can't do anything for themselves. So! I would like to be the omega, but if you can provide an interesting omega than you can take that role. (Yes, I do m-preg. It's not required.)

Go there to see my guidelines and my idea. (: Hit me up if it interests you!
Apr 10 2016, 06:41 PM
If I owe you a reply, give me a poke.

So I'm still getting dropped left and right and I really want to do any of the underlined plots on my website. :/

Refer there for all your needs! (:

5/08/16: Entire website redone, added several new plots.
5/15/16: Added a mercreature x human plot. <3 (New craving) Made the site mobile-friendly!
5/15/16 (Part 2): Added a human x demon with a twist plot. (New craving)
6/03/16: Added a new guideline. Really craving mxm right now.
6/11/16: I want to do a play on typical YA novels, but with a mxm twist (and some other changes)
7/02/16: I really want to do my alpha/omega plot.
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