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 A New Search, M// ... Email
 Posted: Jun 18 2017, 10:20 PM

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Thanks to the reality of real-life struggles, I have lost several role playing partners over this year. I have loved the stories that we have spun together, and my hopes and prayers go with them as they strap on their football helmets and tackle the stress that is life. However, this has left me bored and with only a couple of partners to mill away the time! Which, considering that the summertime is my downtime, has left me staring at my screen, refreshing, and hoping for something amazing to happen! Thus, my reason for starting this search!

Well, I’m Lettie. I’m 25 years old, and I only role play over email and with the pairing of m//. Sorry, but I burnt out on hetero ages ago, and f// just never was my thing. I consider myself literate to advanced – if this is still a thing. Is it? Eh, who knows… I refuse to role play anything dealing with rape/noncon, pedo, incest, water sports, or beastiality. Otherwise, run whatever it is you want by me. I’ll most likely agree, but if not, the worst you’ll get is a, “I’m so sorry, but it’s just not my thing personally.” And, I really can’t stress this enough, you must be over 18 years old before contacting me. I REFUSE to role play with anyone younger. It’s just a no-no for me. Sorry, but nope.


Loves ( This is just a random list of things I especially enjoy in a role play. They do not have to happen.)
Mates / Soulmates
Mate Marks / Tattoos
Opposites Attract

Current Ideas that I am Craving
#1: Pokémon --- Gijinka [x] Trainer
(( I am not overly familiar with the Pokémon universe, so this will be OCs and AU in a sense.))
Character A (your character) stumbles upon a hidden land untouched by humans. – He could be running from someone, or perhaps he was simply exploring for one reason or another. – The Pokémon of this land, free from outside influence, have evolved over time in an entirely unique manner. A vast majority of them have inherited forms not entirely unlike that of humans. Curious and frightened of the newcomer, they capture him and bring him to the leader of their world, an Arcanine by the name Blaise. – From this point, Blaise could either take an interest in your character and decide to pursue him as a possible mate, or afraid of alerting more humans but not wanting to kill him outright, Blaise decides to keep him close so as to watch over him in order to ensure he doesn’t try to contact the outside world. – This is just a rough idea, and it can include omegaverse, mpreg, soulmates, or etc. It doesn’t have to, though! We can do whatever we want with this.

#2: Tethered Together for Eternity --- Werewolf, Vampire [x] Human / other creature
(( I have played this out twice before, and I LOVE it. ))
When the world was still new, and humanity was just beginning to gain footing, a lycan and a vampire allowed their feud to spill over where it should not have. Both were made to pay a hefty price for their crimes. One lost his family and his pack, forced to watch as they turned feral, tearing into their own flesh with crooked claws and curved fangs. The other watched his coven burn until only ashes and the echoing screams remained.

In their bloodlust to best the other, they had placed the family of a renowned witch in the middle of their duel, slaughtering every man, woman, and child in their blind rage. The resulting wrath of the late family’s matriarch was never-ending, they found. Destroying what they had built was not enough for her. She wanted them to suffer further, so she bound their bodies and souls for all eternity. They could not kill each other, but they could also not be away from each other for too long or too far. Time passed. Nathaniel rebuilt his pack, claiming the underworld as his home. Wren found solace in wreaking havoc upon Nathaniel’s dealings, knowing that Nathaniel could do no physical harm to him. They created a system that kept each other near while also trying to avoid the other. It was exhausting, but it worked. Or, it did for a time.

A young human stumbled across a scene he should never have witnessed. Nathaniel was partly shifted, one hand suspending the wrecked body of the human subordinate that had been siphoning money out of one of his venues. Abigail, a young fledgling witch that had become enamored with Nathan, would normally wipe the mind of any human who saw such a scene, but when her ability failed, Nathan should have carved out the poor mortal’s throat. Instead, hearing the frantic beating of the human’s heart, much like a rabbit’s, he found his resolve crumbling. – So, Nathan takes your character home to keep from creating a scene. This is also the home that he shares with Wren, who becomes very interested in the human that the mighty Alpha could not kill, to the point of obsession. Again, this can include any number of things and is just a rough idea.

List of Fandoms / Other Things I Will Role Play
Harry Potter --- I know A LOT about Harry Potter, so ask for about anything.
One Piece --- My knowledge is limited, so this might need to be AU-ish.
Hunger Games --- Please have a plot or an idea. I have seen the movies and read the books.
Naruto --- I especially love Iruka and Kakashi!
Marvel --- Again, have a plot of idea ready.
DC --- I prefer Marvel, but I do like some DC.
Cute / Fluffy

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