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Jan 24 2018, 09:06 PM
me: 27, friendly, spontaneous, forgiving, creative, lighthearted

you: 18+, communicative, flexible

barberboards, email, gdocs, or discord

m// or f// or platonic

modern fantasy:
— witch coven
— lovecraftian cult
— supernatural horror

— AI / cybernetics
— underwater exploration / horror
— espionage / cold war

historical (fantasy):
— fictionalized crusades
— enlightenment-era university
— women in wartime
— wild west
— court intrigue
— medieval fantasy

i'm open to all kinds of ideas and plotlines, and my genres list is damn flexible too, so if you're not sure just ask!

currently seeking: WEREWOLVES

discord: Lar#1758
May 5 2017, 04:45 PM
Sometimes you just have to let go of the past. Larblog was with me in a different period of my life, one where I was lost. Finding parts of myself has been a process, and I'm sure there's more to go. Half of me is still convinced that my blogs in particular are cursed, and that everything I write about—the good bits, anyway—will fall to pieces. I can't live my life like that anymore.

So, dear reader, we start with gratitude. I like to think it will be the underpinning of this blog, and at the same time i know I'm liable to be writing about all kinds of stuff here... but let's start it out on the right foot.

Today, I am grateful. Yesterday, I was grateful. Tomorrow, let me be grateful.

First, the short list, the dedications if you will. I am grateful for my partner, Jamie—for the texts I get out of nowhere saying "I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you", for the nights where we both putter around the painting room working on our projects, for his thoughtfulness and wit, and even his bad puns. I'm grateful for the cats, for Gracie who has purred at me in the worst of my life, for Jazzy with her wise eyes and gentle manner, for Clara who is the eternal kitten—and all of them are tolerant of me holding them while I look in the mirror and find three good things about my body everyday. I'm grateful for the dogs, who are oafs. I'm grateful for my family, for all their good and bad and indifferent. I'm grateful for my body—dear lord, that one's hard but—I'm grateful for my body.
Feb 10 2017, 07:52 PM

OKAY BARBERBABES i started a thread.

this thread is for any exercises and homework from
because i want to learn to draw but i need someone to hold my hand while i do

you don't have to post pictures of your drawings here, but you're more than welcome! i would at least like to see people posting when they're doing homework and such though, because we're all in this together! motivation comes from the multitudes.
Jan 17 2017, 10:37 PM
hi, i'm lar!

i'm 26, EST, pretty laid back but hopefully a lot of fun!

i'm not huge into planning, so i daresay you could toss me an intro with no prompting and i could hop into it. if you want a little more structure than that, please feel free to talk to me about your wants and needs! i'm down for everything from unprompted intros to in-depth worldbuilding, just give me an idea where you are on the spectrum when you contact me.

i prefer to play over the barberboards, but email is an acceptable alternative. i might consider discord or some other instant messenger program as well, but i'm more iffy on those. i'm definitely down to chat and exchange inspiration and plot ooc over messengers, though.

i strongly prefer present tense, but i will consider writing past tense if you're good/interesting and don't mind me being rusty as hell and fucking the grammar up constantly.

i am a huge flake and i'm not gonna deny it, i have a reputation to uphold. if you're looking for ceaseless dedication every day forever i'm probably not right for you. i go through a lot of health stuff etc etc etc and frankly there are times when i just don't feel like writing. that said, i'm not going to get offended if you poke me to remind me that i'm supposed to be writing a thing. if we've planned something in the past and you're still feeling it, hit me up! the upside of my flakiness is that i won't get mad if you have life stuff or can't write for a while, and when you pop back up i'll be happy to see you again.

things i like:
- writing present tense
- concise posts
- a constant feel of being in media res
- character growth
- low-fantasy elements
- queer/platonic/varied relationships
- collaboration
- interaction
- low-pressure roleplaying

- modern fantasy!!
---- lovecraftian cult
---- superheroish?
---- witch coven
- space!!
---- pirates/smugglers/rumrunners
---- solar sailing ships
---- claustrophobic horror?
- historical!! ( +/- fantasy!! )
---- fictionalized crusades
---- enlightenment-era university/boarding school
---- victorian era romance + scandals
---- women in wartime
---- westward expansion
---- obnoxiously opulent court intrigue
---- satirical medieval fantasy
- futuristic!!
---- espionage / cold war
---- underwater exploration
---- cybernetics/artificial intelligence?

honestly, if you have ideas not listed here, please feel free to ask me about them! i'm generally really open, with the caveat that i don't do fandoms. i'll even consider little slice-of-life things right now.

samples of my writing are scattered all over barbermonger if you want to get a feel for my style. please hit me up on this board, over pm, or email me at if you've tried to start something with me in the past and it didn't get going, i'm probably still up for putting something new together!
Jan 8 2017, 06:17 PM
Howdy! I'm Lar, 25, EST, generally awesome but also a total flake. I'm looking for something specific and unusual—a writing buddy! But not a long term rp partner, more like... someone who'll chat and worldbuild with me, and have a string of short-term rps. I miss that old style on neopets where you'd just jump into something and keep it going for a few hours, and then let it die whenever somebody had to go to bed. If it was really working, then you'd continue it, but there was always that low-commitment aspect. Let's make that happen again!

Basically I want a string of rp hookups? And chatting about them and other stuff in between.

I prefer writing in present tense, but I'll totally try past tense again if you don't mind me being suuuuper rusty. I prefer queer relationships and platonic relationships but I'm up for whatever. Basically, I just need to be writing semi-consistently again.

Email is cool, barberboards are cool, maybe something over the discord PM system? I don't particularly care about where this takes place, I'm just looking for someone to gel with.

I'm game for modern fantasy, medieval (w/ or w/o fantasy), historical stuff, sci-fi/futuristic whatever, intense worldbuilding, relaxed modern cafe nonsense.... if you can think of it I'm probably up for it on at least a short-term basis, so throw it at me! I'm working on my transparency and radical honesty, so I'll make a concerted effort to tell you if it's not working for me—and you are more than welcome to poke the shit out of me if I'm not getting you replies or whatever fast enough.

This is an experimental ad so I'm not expecting much! If it sounds up your alley, please hit me up here or via PM or discord—I'll get back to you ASAP!
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