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Jul 27 2018, 03:18 PM
Greetings! I’m Hiro.

I live in the CST (UTC -6). I am 26 years old.I find great enjoyment in reading books of all kinds. Primarily non fiction but I do have some fiction as well. I also heartily engage in the preparing and crafting of sustenance that not only gives nutrients but also pleasure and good memories. Musically, I am inclined to the classics of all genres (rock, jazz, blues, instrumental) with a scattering of modern day mixed in. Regarding TV shows/movies/video games I unfortunately must disappoint in that I do not take much interest in these things as I once did. However, documentaries, historical dramas and select films are always available to be watched with good company.

Upper level literacy would be something I am very interested in. Sentences that breathe depth, nuance and sophistication are my jam. I consider myself a skilled writer and would be happy if you were too.
Male to Female preferred.
Open communication is critical. If there are issues or questions to be asked, do not hesitate to put them on the table.

I enjoy having mature 18+ content in the story. I do not need it to be non stop sexual interactions, gore or drug use but I want the space for the things to happen naturally. It is not my focus however but as an adult I can handle adult things, meaning I only wish to RP with someone who is over 18
No pedophilia, bestiality, toilet play
Anything else would be a case by case basis. If something causes me to feel uncomfortable I will say so. You are free to do likewise.

I typically write minimum of four paragraphs but can go longer if the need is there. Particularly in the beginning as the set up is still happening it requires more description for the background of the characters and plot(s)

Third person past tense is where I shine brightest. It’s often how I write in my own personal journal

Discord (taikutsuna_hiro#1212)
Email/Google Docs (

Slice of Life
Science Fiction

Starter Plot ideas
A medically discharged veteran returns to their hometown, struggling to find motivation to live with their family because they are extremely wealthy and want them to live it up and enjoy his Affluenza as a reward for their service. The veteran meets someone who affirms their desires to not become addicted to money and a friendship blooms

A newly graduated cadet is entering the police force in a large urban area, partnered with a experienced officer who has a lot of family issues. The new cadet gives warmth and kindness as they discuss the older partner’s issues and a romance develops causing even more difficulty.

No one could have expected The End to come so soon. Wars and rumors of wars had been going on for centuries. As the population swelled into the tens of billions of people, natural resources such as arable land and freshwater are now the gold standard of the day. Continents have consolidated their countries to form supermassive sovereign countries as the threat of complete destruction looms. Our two characters are existing in their lives right as The End begins. They survive, but how will they navigate The Aftermath?

I am not locked into any of these ideas, so feel free to send over your own plot lines!


“Your plane has been booked for the 21st of December, sir. It will depart at 4 o’clock in the afternoon as requested. Anything else I can do for you today sir?”

“No, that will be all Guillermo.”

Aris hung up the phone without so much as a courtesy goodbye. His mood was sullen, annoyed at the fact that his winter holiday in Germany and Switzerland was being cut short by an unexpected case. Normally he would have pushed off such a last minute meeting but the individual who was requesting his time was someone he couldn't ignore.

Aris had known Delilah for over fifteen years, their connection brought on by their wealthy families’ socials and gatherings. Being several years older, Aris has never thought much of Delilah when they were younger. Her outgoing and precocious personality wasn't something he had much interest in. He was more reserved, wary of trusting people of whom he did not have intimate relations.

After his mother died when he was six, his father remarried several times, trying to find someone who could replace the love and warmth of his deceased wife. He might as well have tried to stop the flow of the ocean with a cardboard box because no one could ever compare to his mother. Her nurturing spirit was unequaled, full of graciousness and patience. Aris and her were extremely close, more than any other of his five siblings. But after she died, Aris lost the connection he had with his father, for he was treated in a manner more akin to a business partner than a son.

It was Aris who gave his father’s company the edge in the Dreamscape industry with his revolutionary combination of psychotropic drugs and nootropic drugs. Aris’ patented techniques earned his father’s company the highest market share of Dream manipulation in the United States and second in the world only behind the Chinese mega corporation headed by Li Yu-Yang. Aris’ unparalleled intelligence placed him as one of the finest Forger-Chemist in the world, giving him vast amounts of resources and wealth.

Despite the seemingly perfect life, Aris was not content. He spent so much time under that his normal relationships grew ever more strained. He hadn’t been on an official date in years, despite his expanding bank account and strong physical features. Relations with his co workers was cordial at best, dispensing orders and instructions with a cold indifference. He was becoming more and more frustrated with what he saw as people came to him with their issues.

Messy divorces, domestic abuse, drug addiction and the like were all part of his workload, despite him only doing the toughest (and richest) of cases. Aris could only imitate so many lost lovers and missing parental figures before he began to lose sense of who he was. And who was he exactly? The highest graduate ever to leave Harvard and MIT? The world’s most successful businessman at age 30, amassing over $25 billion in assets, not including the undisclosed amount he kept anonymously in private banks around the world? People’s magazine's “Most Eligible Bachelor” seven years in a row? What had all the fame and fortune brought him but a burgeoning depression and unstable social life?

His musings were cut short when he heard a knock on the door. Aris switched over to the camera feed outside his door. His secretary, Mrs. Clemons, had let in his next appointment, the one who had delayed his early vacation. He watched the appointee as she straightened her hair and reveal a small smile. Delilah Wilson had certainly grown up since he had last seen her. She had blossomed into womanhood with her unique features well proportioned on her body.

Her brown curly hair fell neatly on her shoulders, complimenting her smooth, fair skin. Those arresting blue eyes seemed to have become more profound as she aged, like a fine Chardonnay from Bordeaux year 1975. Her lips had grown as well, softly glossed pink, accentuating their fullness. Her neck was as he remembered as she moved her hair away from touching it. Still sensitive I see. He followed her A line skirt down as it began to cross over her sumptuous breasts…

Aris cut off the camera. He had lingered much longer than he had anticipated behind his desk. He stood up and walked over to a full length mirror to observe himself. His grey suit with purple tie and pocket square continued to display an unassuming standard of wealth and power. He checked the time on his Rolex, a recent gift from a thankful widow. No time like the present.

Aris walked over to the door, took a deep breath and slowly pulled it open to face the woman he had been unconsciously staring at only moments before.
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