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Jul 13 2018, 03:01 AM

R A B A S T A N • L E S T R A N G E

fIRST THINGS FIRST. the bellatrix i play may not be what you're completely used to; i.e. batshit crazy and sadistic right from the start. when we are first introduced to the character in the books, our inclinations of her personality and history are nothing short of malicious in nature, to say the least; however, i like to try to explore what has shaped her into the vicious, darkly brilliant, and unsteady being that she becomes over the course of her life.

my preference (usually) is to play her during the first war, in which i tend to see her as a lot more cool, composed, and ladylike on the surface — she is a member of an ancient and noble pureblood family afterall, i'd like to think they had some set of standards that addressed how members of their stature are meant to carry themselves to maintain the respectability of their blood. though, this is certainly not without her underlying tendencies of ferocity that show inklings of her restraint getting tested to the point of breakage, in which case she is surely unafraid to behead someone up if pushed too far. i personally think her steady decline really peaked while she got sent to azkaban for so many years, and it is the build up to this point that i find the most intriguing and will greatly influence how i play her.

and now on to the request!!


Portrayal | Open (suggestions below)
Age | 29-37

in truth, bellatrix is hades, and rabastan is her persephone. the two halves of a whole, these two appear to have had their souls intertwined with one another since birth (just a mere few days apart). their mothers, friendly, often met for gossip and tea and other social arrangements, with these two as tots toted about with them. but constant close proximity within one another wasn’t the only thing that bound them together — their likenesses carry on into their natures, their desires, and moreover, their existences as nothing more than just happenstance.

bellatrix, second to a son and now serving as a reminder of his death; rabastan, a spare to an already established heir (his mother had actually dared to hope for a daughter; then he hates the reminders that rodolphus leaves for him, knowing his brother has “spared” him of any bounties the first-born happened to attain for being just that, despite being born first not necessarily mean being first rate; but managing to “steal” his rightful betrothal to bellatrix after a murder that rabastan committed to secure it was going too far, and puts into question whether their blood-tie is strong enough to keep rab from turning his elder brother into a ghost). they carry the burdens of frustration, of their brilliance and prowess not being given the recognition and respect that they deserve for though they are not the highest priority in their parents’ eyes, they are still here and they are not ones to be forgotten.

so they share their ambitions and darkest desires with one another (platonically, romantically, manically). have already killed in the name of one another’s love (and to push forward their positions among ranks, society, and the world with no limits to hinder them beyond the heavens), and will continue to do so, whatever it takes, by any means necessary, to ensure that it is they on top.

but sights set so far, they don’t always see what is in front of them. their plight for power, manipulative ways, and vicious instincts has bella wandering too far into depths that rabastan is unsure he wants to follow any further with his failures to rid them of his brother nipping at his heels. sanities slipping, morals dripping, it is a wonder that they still exist at all.

there are mentions of him in bella's app possibly getting betrothed to someone else but that's completely up to you if he actually went through with it or not, as he and bella still see each other regardless l o l. also it'd be pretty neat if he were part of the court of erl, but if you're vying for death eater, i wouldn't stop you either. and the bella's late son was probably actually rab's, but he may still be confused about it...

TLDR; bellatrix & rabastan are in love w/each other, but their relationship is starting to get strained. ofc. this why we can't have nice things.
  • it is open to interpretation how dedicated rab truly is to the dark lord's cause — it could be interesting to have him beginning to question it (especially with the mounting frustration caused by him failing to kill his brother and seeing how unhinged bella is slowly becoming) and trying to maybe pull bellatrix back from the cliff that they find themselves standing on.
  • though it could be just as interesting seeing him deteriorate alongside bellatrix like the macbeths that they are at heart.
  • occupation is totally up to you!
  • i'm also open to who the playby should be, but here are some suggestions (alphabetically ordered):
    • benjamin eidem, charles michael davis, dan stevens, daniel henney, diego luna, hayden christensen, kim woo bin, manish dayal, nicolas simoes, park sung jin, peter bruder, yang yang (pictured)


hELLO. my name's jlyn. 29. she/her. pacific timezone. graphic designer by profession, writer by whim. veteran rper of if/jcink. i dabble mostly in hp-based roleplay with a strong preference for marauder era, though dumbledore, riddle, and founder are pretty neat. feel free to pm me, email me (, or msg me directly via the tumblr page linked below!

if you'd like to get a sense of my bellatrix, you can read her application here (click!) i know it's posted on tumblr but that's only because i'm not actively playing her on any sites and had nowhere else to store it, lol. i'd probably prefer to write these two out over a forum platform like jcink/if (i don't mind setting up a private one if needed), though would be open to trying email/gdocs/tumblr too? (though minus all the heavy formatting and gif-usage ppl tend to do on tumblr rp's cuz i can't keep up with that lol).

alternately, if you play characters that are typically linked with bellatrix (e.g. andromeda, narcissa, rodolphus, voldemort, etc) and think they'd jive well with my variation, hmu! :3
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