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May 15 2018, 12:06 AM
hey there. nice to meet y'all :^) i haven't gone looking for a onexone in..... ages, really!

some stuff about me:
  • my name is beck.
  • i'm 21, a taurus, and go by he/him
  • i use discord almost constantly throughout the day, like..... 24/7
  • i love sports (hockey, baseball), video games (ffxiv, dark souls/bloodborne, the witcher, rpgs, hyper light drifter, etc), and am an avid cook and baker.
  • i've watched an anime. or two. or fifty. my favorite is moribito. if you know it, hmu.
  • i'm a sucker for candles, attractive men, and not knowing what in god's name i'm doing.
  • i play multiple dnd campaigns weekly. i love my characters
  • i've been roleplaying for over 12 years now! that's pretty terrifying to think about.
some requirements/things that you actually want to know:
  • discord or barbermonger forum is my preference, but i can do email if that's what you want :^)
  • would prefer an 18+ writer, though smut/sexual content isn't a requirement at all. if it goes there, it does, if not, no hard feelings.
  • i suck at the pre-rp small talk, so please forgive me. don't have to keep it just in character though, i'm a sucker for making friends while torturing our characters. i just am really awkward with starting out.
  • super chill with you vanishing if you're uncomfortable, no longer happy, or just can't bring yourself to talk to me about ending it. i know that feeling all too well.
  • i'm only comfortable playing m/m right now if we do a relationship, but i'd love bromances or families or whatever else you wanna throw at me otherwise.
  • i'm guilty of a little purple prose. i like to write long replies, but don't require anyone to match my length whatsoever. so long as you can give me at least a paragraph or two i can go hog wild.
  • if you want me to play a canon i'm fine with it to a certain degree. i reserve the right to say no, but generally speaking if i know/like the source material i'll be fine with it. i'd prefer ocs if that's alright with you. fine with you playing a canon if that's your preference.
  • i don't require a certain activity level. if you can only send me one reply a week or every other week, that's fine! i'm on the slow side and would prefer if you'd allow me to take my time.
  • i'd like to avoid bury your gays, but i'm all for putting ocs or canons through the ringer, so, like, let's go ham honestly.
  • when i was in the onexone scene years ago, there was no 'doubling', so i'd honestly have to try my hand and see if i like it. am fine with you doing so or going just one character. it's all new to me.
  • i don't care if you mix tenses. i don't care if you get a little creative. i don't care if you have run on sentences and prefer writing in all lowercase. i'm not looking for perfect and i ask that you accept my preferences as well.
some genres/plots/canons i'm super interested in:
  • soulmates (preferably supernatural elements included) (any type. soul bonds through stress/circumstance, names written on bodies, soulmate identifying marks, you name it i probably like it)
  • historical fantasy, or just plain fantasy with some major embellishment
  • not to be a nerd but i love werewolf pack dynamics being applied to sports/military settings
  • supernatural stuff, especially werewolves/shifters, witches/warlocks
  • superheroes and like bnha type settings are a bop, but i wouldn't know jack shit about canon stuff, so you'd have to give me a little time to research if you'd want me to do canon stuff.
  • naruto stuff is a childhood guilty pleasure. fairly picky with ships/playing canons as well
  • i like lotr. i wouldn't even know how to do a onexone but i love it.
  • dnd type settings or plots, dnd party, using my dnd characters, whatever, it's cool
  • space! i like space lol. aliens, space travel, general space-y stuff.
  • skyrim, dragon age, fallout, mass effect, witcher 3, and other video game settings are cool too! i think i'd honestly prefer non-canon characters (i don't count dragonborn/courier/inquisitor/warden as canon, but would probs consider shepard canon? so.) for any of these but i'm chill with whatever you want.
  • cowboys! wild west! yeehaw!
  • monsters! monstrous people with harsh exteriors but soft underbellies! i'm the type to give my tiefling seventy horns and sharp canines, so really, scary looking is good with me.
  • pokemon lol humor me
  • ive been roleplaying warrior cats for years and i'm not afraid to ask for more chances to play it so. yeehaw play gay talking cats with me.
  • honestly feel free to suggest stuff, i might turn it down but i'm always open to new ideas
things i'm not comfortable with:
  • zombies/the apocalypse. i'm comfortable with fallout levels, but walking dead type plots aren't my type of thing
  • if we do history, i ask that we glaze over the homophobia/racism of the age period. realism is cool to a degree, but dropping slurs to be historically accurate isn't my jam.
  • no big age gaps, no underage, no abusive ships, no rape, no incest. no ifs ands or buts, please.
feel free to contact me on discord @OUTERHEAVEN#6548 or here by PMing! here's a sample of how i write. (domiziano in that thread) if that's important to you. i'll probably edit this every once in awhile to include plot interests or maybe include some of my previous characters. thanks so much for reading through all this :^)
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