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Jun 18 2016, 03:00 PM
Hey, folks! You can call me Eso, I’ve been roleplaying more or less forever- let’s just say upwards of a decade, at this point. I like writing for the craft of it, but also to explore big/interesting ideas and character dynamics! I would consider myself to be around the literate/advanced level, although I am somewhat flexible in that I can easily adjust my writing style to suit my partner’s preferences- it isn’t something I mind doing at all. On that note, if we do start writing and something about my responses isn’t striking your fancy, please let me know! I try to be as accommodating as possible. Roleplaying, after all, isn’t just about creating an amazing story (although that’s important), but also about making sure everyone enjoys themselves as much as possible.

I wouldn’t say I have any limits, per se, but I like things to make sense in plot-context. I enjoy playing all sorts of pairings, MxF, FxF, MxM, or anything else you'd like, as well as platonic relationships. Doubling (or more! I adore huge casts and shifting focus!) is my jam, and, though we don’t have to double, I’ll love you forever if we do. I do usually play original characters in original settings, and I generally enjoy them more, but would be willing to play original characters in a pre-established setting or even to pick up a less-fleshed out canon. I have exposure to many fandoms and am always willing to add more, so just throw something at me and I’ll see if we can work it out.

So, now that all of that is out of the way, I have one big craving that I would love you forever for writing with me, and a million other little things that I would also be thrilled to do! Without further ado:

I want to write an old-school adventure/questing party. I want to take your standard medieval fantasy tropes- banished princes, haughty mages, roguish mercenaries, things of that sort- twist them in fascinating ways, add depth and layers, and then throw the results into an adventuring-party-type-situation and see where it goes from there. Think, thematically, a classic RPG game or Lord of the Rings-type group or even like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign? We would be at least doubling for this- in an ideal world, three or even four characters each would be amazing. I just want to write out a really classic fantasy adventure, where we slowly build up from small things, maybe saving villages or something, to bigger stakes involving larger stages, world powers, character backstories. I want to watch as a group of complex, dynamic, fascinating people start out as strangers (or not! some pre-established relationships could also be super interesting!) and then develop organic relationships with each other, grow stronger and more important, and interact with an interesting world. In my head, this covers a range of tones, emotionally. I want there to be escapades and intensity, high drama and evenings spent relaxing in taverns. I want intense brawls and court intrigues, adventures ranging over every part of a world we’ll create.

Yeah, so if you’re willing to try something like that with me, I am so flexible. I will work with you however you need to make it work out!

Otherwise, I am very open to any plots with some element of fantasy/the unrealistic, particularly with themes of revolution, religious tension, loyalty and betrayal, old relationships, or any other thematic complexity you want to explore! I usually like historical periods (pick one. Seriously. I’ll do anything, though generally the older the better), and I like them even more with an added fantasy element. But I’m also open to anything futuristic (space operas! Technology! General badassery!) or even something modern, if there is a particularly tantalizing plot attached.

So. Yup. I think that’s it! For now, at least! Please, please let me know if you’re even a tad bit interested, because I’m practically starving for roleplaying at the moment. Email is definitely my preferred mode of communication, and you can contact me with any requests, questions, or raging enthusiasm(!) at:

Thanks for reading! I'm looking forward to (hopefully) hearing from some of you!
Apr 24 2016, 09:56 PM

I'm going just throw a few plotlets at you and see if I get any bites, because the introductory stuff bores me and I feel like these are going to be more effective at explaining what I'm looking for! I'll explain a bit more after, but it's very optional. If you like any of these/they make you think of something totally different that you think I might dig/you have questions or just want to talk, just shoot me an email! I'm into that!

***Character A is a thief. A very successful thief, in that she managed to steal the king's seal ring. But also a very unsuccessful thief, as she was caught showing it off in a tavern several days later. She's been locked away since. Character B is the heir to a great noble family, is an adviser to the king and, unbeknownst to the sovereign, is ambitious enough to have an eye on the throne. When rumors begin to circulate that the Amulet/Artifact/Other Object of Great and Ambiguous Power that the gods gave to the country's first monarch has reappeared, secreted away in a place only a master thief could reach, Character B manages to get permission from the king to 'escort' Character A and use her to retrieve it- for the glory of the king, of course! But each of the two has unshared secrets; both are much more than meets the eye. Their journey is certain to be anything but straightforward. (Loooooosely based on The Thief, by Megan Whalen Turner. If you haven't read it, don't worry, literally everything you need to know is in the paragraph above. We could go a lot of places with this, focusing on the journey or the aftermath or both! I'd prefer Character A in this one. It would be very conducive to doubling, if you're interested- perhaps a bodyguard and a scholar come along to complete the party?)

***The Empire conquered the Small Kingdom more than two decades ago. A small mountain country, it posed little threat and held little strategic advantage. Or, it would have held little advantage, if not for its mages. Everywhere else in the world, mages are a rarity, one in a thousand, with power that can change the course of history. In the Small Kingdom, nearly one in fifty was born with some sort of power, a power the Empire has now harnessed by nearly wiping out the native culture and government of the conquered kingdom. Character A is a small part of what's left of that heritage, a leader in a new revolutionary movement, a daughter of the nobility (perhaps distantly related to the old royal family?) and vehemently opposed to the occupation, though she doesn't really remember a time before it. Character B, on the other hand, was born extremely poor, but with a power much sought-after by the Empire- the power to identify mages who can then be imprisoned or pressed into service. Because of her power, she's been raised by the Empire, taken in and brainwashed/shown the truth, depending on your perspective. It also means that she poses a huge threat to the mage-dependent rebellion, who need to take her out of the picture, one way or another. Whether that is by capturing her, convincing her to join the cause, or something more extreme is up for us to decide. (I'd really love to do this! I've got my eye on a totally brainwashed/evil-and-needs-redemption Character B, and I'd love to find a passionate/fiery/blind-in-her-own-way-and-also-needs-redemption Character A. I'm really feeling F// for this one, but am open to persuasion if that doesn't work for you. Obviously, there are lots of places we could take this/lots of opportunities for doubling. This is just inspiration!)

***Character A is a member of the priesthood of a warlike theocracy. Long ago, their god promised them a Chosen One who would lead them to glory/power/world domination as they watch their enemies burn. Unfortunately, most of the signs were pretty vague and potential Chosen Ones tend to show up in the most inconvenient places, only to be brought to the grand temple for the final testing, which inevitably ends in their gory deaths. Well, it turns out that in a faraway land, yet another possible-Chosen One has fulfilled all of the signs given in the prophecy- Character B. There's only one problem: Character B is a member of a strange, foreign religion composed of staunch pacifists. Character A, it seems, pissed off someone in power and is given the dubious honor of retrieving this potential savior. Obviously, hijinks ensue. (This one I feel like we could play seriously or for laughs, although I think humor would be involved either way. I'd prefer Character B, but could perhaps be convinced otherwise. Any pairing, and we can change it up as you'd like. I'm sure we could work in doubling if you'd like.)

***The Society is not only responsible for protecting humanity from the supernatural world, they also ensure knowledge of the other world doesn't get out to a population that is simply unequipped to handle it. In a world where every myth you can imagine is real, this is no simple task. Character A is a member of the Society (whether supernatural herself or purely human is up to you- but I would love her to be some kind of brilliant, Holmesian investigator. Or anything else. Whatevs!). Character B is an independent contractor of sorts, who convinces the Society to turn a blind eye to some of her more... questionable actions (cat burglary, espionage, artifact trafficking, unregistered magic, small-scale demonic summonings, nothing important!) by supplying them with information and even lending her unique skills to the cause when necessary. Let's write them having adventures together, whether it is the retrieval of a dangerous artifact, the search for the source of a magical plague, or the hunt for a vampiric/fae/demonic/celestial serial killer! This world is meant to be flexible- mages, gods, werewolves, badass unicorns, they're all game. (Dibs on Character B. Doubling is obviously possible. Run with this one wherever you want, seriously.)

So, long story short, I'm kind of desperate for a roleplay and would be terribly grateful to anyone who will write with me. I prefer original stories with some kind of fantasy/unrealistic element, but if you think you have a plot that would work, send it my way, and I'd love to work with you! I'm open to writing different pairings/genders and to doubling. I would particularly love to do some F// right now, though! Um, but yeah. I can definitely be more serious than these little snippets seem, it's just been a long day. Give me a chance! You won't regret it!
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