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Aug 9 2018, 09:57 PM
Hi guys, how are you? I'm Bertha, 20+ female looking for an adult to rp with.

I'd like an mxf modern or medieval royalty arranged marriage rp. Optimally, I'd play the lady, but convince me?

Looking for shorter, more frequent replies, probably around 200-300 words a couple times a day. (I'm also a student, so I may need to drop off the face of the earth for a couple of weeks around finals). I also plot or chat pretty quick except for the few hours I'm at work.

Limits are pretty basic: no pedophilia, incest, *probably* not non-con (plot exceptions might work). Talk before introducing kinks. And let me know what limits of yours to respect happy.gif (I'll do ftb if you like.)

My email is and my discord is blahblahbertha#4471 so hit me up!
Mar 6 2018, 09:29 PM
Specific. Yet broad!

SO. I know short-term is a deal-breaker for a lot of you. Honestly, I just want to rapid-fire short stuff (no more than 300 words a reply) while prepping for my midterm Friday. I will play ANY gender, ANY pairing, ANY genre except historical, NO limits (except for yours).

What I want out of this rp is two characters who know each other having (an) explosive moment(s). Bring me the relationship battles, the actual physical battles, angry smut, toxic waste, whatever goes. No buildup, minimal discussion. I want to cut straight into the middle of a screaming match, basically.

If anyone's up for it, I'll do email or discord - / blahblahbertha#4471.

Help me release some of this tension?
Dec 22 2017, 05:46 PM
Hi guys. I’m Bertha, I’m 21+ (If we’re going to be doing mature plots, you should be of age) and a college student. After trying my hand at fandom stuff and finding it is *really* not for me, I’m excited to get back into originals. I am here to have fun and make friends, so I'm happy to chat and get to know you if you like. Don’t feel like you have to read all of this; I included genres, themes, characters and plots/plot bunnies so you could look at whatever lights your muse the best. I rp mainly over email (though I do have discord & Skype if you want to ask for that) and mine is

Length & Activity: Being a student means my activity varies, and it’s also based on the length of our posts. For the most part, I like to write 200-400 words and get out a reply a couple times a day. However, (particularly for historical), I can write in the 300-700 word range and reply once every few days. I don’t match per se, but let’s talk length and activity before we get started.

Ditching/Ghosting: If for any reason you don’t want to or can’t continue our roleplay, just let me know. If you don’t want to explain, you can say that, too. But you should know I've had partners ditch over things I included that literally didn't matter to me at all, so maybe we can work something out. And if we’ve played together before, with the exception of my fandom excursions, hit me up again.

Limits & Characters: My limits are few. I don’t generally do incest, non-con or under/over-age pairings, and let’s talk kinks before introducing (unlikely to do a kink-focused rp). The first three are particularly flexible in a medieval-esque/historical setting, though generally I like characters to be at least 16. I have experience playing all genders, and play any pairings except poly pairings (just no experience on that front). Lately I’ve been playing more males but in the past I’ve done more females. I’m totally open to any kind of parings you want to explore.

  I play many genres. These include modern, medieval-esque, historical (convince me- Medieval, Renaissance, Tudor, Romantic, Victorian), medieval/historical/otherwordly fantasy, modern fantasy (not a buffy/spn hunter scenario but something more like the new Will Smith movie), fractured fairytales, and sci-fi (pretty much anything). Pirate-inspired would also be cool.

I do not do rps with animal/fantasy animal MC’s (I just lose interest).

  romance, loyalty, divided loyalties, mysteries, the public eye, arranged marriage, amnesia, intrigue, family conflicts, royalty, culture clash, personal stakes, action.
world-building, culture building, the role of technology/magic, superstitions.
disabilities/chronic illnesses, character flaws, self-sabotage, identity, fractured identities, rebuilding in adversity, character development.

  • Connor
      The jist of his backstory is this: he’s working towards a dream/hope/whatever and in the process of that, he became a paraplegic. He’s pretty setting-flexible although I’ve most liked him in sci-fi settings, where he’s been a cyberpunk hacker who got blown up in a revolution; and a spaceship engineer who had an accident either developing FTL tech or just operating his spaceship. His disability is important to his character, although his relationship to it depends on setting/history details, but it’s not about playing out the adjustment period.
  • Elizabeth
      I’ve typically played her in a medieval/historical setting. A princess whose mother died and whose father neglected her, she convinced herself that she needed power not people. Somehow love has found its way into her life often, though. Great for country vs. country conflict, royal x royal in an arranged marriage. Could also work for a forbidden love thing. A noble she can’t marry, a guard or knight. Would be protracted drama of the “I can’t” type and probably not have a happy ending. Only thing is she’s very snooty so her partner would need to be smart and possibly somewhat educated.
Plots & Plot Bunnies
  • I’ve forgotten who we were meant to be (modern, amnesia, any pairing)
      The heirs of two powerful families (could be business moguls, royalty of made-up countries, possibly mafia families, etc.) are in an arranged marriage when Character A gets into an accident and loses their memory. This causes friction as A struggles to navigate both families, attend to their duties, and rebuild their identity and marriage. Character B has always loved A, but their marriage was frictious. Maybe now it can be A and B against the world – or maybe the new dynamic will be just as difficult.

    I’d like this to be focused not on angst but action, high stakes, rebuilding identities and relationships, etc.
  • Clara & the Nutcracker (fantasy, mxf, Nutcracker-inspired)
      Inspired by the Nutcracker and the most recent Alice in Wonderland stories, a grown-up Clara returns to the magical kingdom of her half-forgotten youth. Basically, she and the Nutcracker (the leader of the Sugar Plum Fairy’s army) were engaged when Clara was a child (as old as 12) and they fought off the rat army together. As she grew, she forgot this promise as the experience faded to only a dream.

    This could go a lot of different ways. In one, Clara could get engaged to a young man from her world, and the Nutcracker gets a special reprieve from the Sugar Plum Fairy (fairy queen) to win Clara back in the real world.

    Or the Nutcracker could be in trouble. Maybe Clara has never stopped loving him but doubts that her dreams were real. But the Nutcracker comes as promised on her 18th birthday - only they’re both cursed to be stuck as toys forever, trapped between worlds, if they can’t break the curse by midnight on Christmas Eve.

    Or we could run with an alternative idea that you have. wink.gif
  • Your heart not your hand (tudor-era or medieval-esque, flexible pairing, lover)
      This could be any pairing, though it would change slightly depending on the pairing. I've been watching the Tudors, Reign and the Girl King, and the idea of lovers has really grabbed me. For this plot, a monarch and a noble fall in love with all the possibilities, problems and dangers that entails. For mxf, it could be a king and a young lady-in-waiting who fears losing everything when she gives him her virtue. Other pairings would have similar problems and dangers of course, to be tweaked with the specifics and characters involved.
Sep 24 2017, 05:40 PM
Hi, I'm Bertha. I'm a college student, so I can get pretty busy but I like to have an rp or two to keep my imagination firing. These days, I like posting more frequently on the shorter side. Say, 400-600 words for an intro and 200-400 words for a reply, once or twice a day? (Less is also good: there will be times when I can't post every day, though I'll try to keep you in the loop.) That said, when plotting, I like to do it fast, like many times a day if possible. I'll plot as much or little as you want but I do get excited and want to get into the actual rp, hence the speed. (Also I can be long-winded OOC.)

My hard limits are pedophilia and incest, and my soft limits are kinks and non-con (I think they can make sense with certain chars/plots). Let me know your limits/triggers so that I can be respectful of them.

I think "yes, and" and communication are paramount. If there's something that's not tripping your trigger or my reply didn't give you enough meat, let me know and I'll be happy to change it. That said, you've got to be willing to do the same. Typically, I prefer plotting/chatting in a separate thread or messenger, and rping over email, but I'm flexible so let me know what you like best. At the moment, I'm looking for modern RL relationship angst, any pairing but primarily established couples. I've got a couple of plots in mind, but feel free to suggest.

Plot 1: (I've tried this before but timing got messed up and killed my muse, so I'd like to try it again)

Xavier (my character) was always a rebellious prankster, so his parents thought he was joking when he came out as gay and in love with their friend, Connor (name can be changed). I see them as a House/Wilson, Sherlock/Watson kind of couple: Xavier admires Connor, they value their relationship over all others, and they have a wicked sense of humor to keep the fun running. They've been together 15-20 years (Xavier's 35-45, Connor's 50-58) and just recently, Connor was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. I don't want it to be a certain death sentence, just enough to shake them to their core. Like, they made it past the homophobia, the reaction of their friends and family, and other life issues, and now this. I do want to figure out exactly what disease it is and play it pretty realistically. I have some pretty interesting plot twists I've thought up for this one, so ask me about those (some interesting side characters could be a long-lost sister, a psychologist, or a surrogate – anything that doesn't interest you isn't a path we need to explore).

Plot 2:

When the daughter of a prominent mob boss fell in love with a low-level mobster, they knew he had to win her father's favor so they could get married, so they plotted together. She never told anyone that she accidentally got pregnant during that time. Knowing it could ruin everything, she secretly got an abortion, which, unbeknownst to her, scarred her uterus and could cause a future miscarriage.
Now settled into their new life, they've started talking about having a baby and her secret is about to come out. It could be a matter of life or death - for either or both of them.

My email is and my discord is blahblahbertha(#4471). I also have Skype and aim if you have a strong preference for one of those. Hit me up!
Jul 19 2017, 06:03 AM
Hi, I'm Bertha. For a couple months while abroad, I stepped out of the rp world to work on some fan fiction, comics and original works. But, guys, I miss the interactivity! I'm a major nerd. If you're the chatty type, I'll send you stuff that reminds me of our roleplay including fun images, videos and even original artwork. ^^ Otherwise I'm also fine sticking to the rp itself.

Activity: As a student, I tend to have a lot of free time. Sometimes I can handle multiple posts per day but usually I average at least one response per day, except on weekends.
Long-term is good, or we could start with a shorter-term end-goal. Occasionally I need a week or two. I do my best to let partners know beforehand, and you're always welcome to poke me.

Length: The three ~700-word intros (below) are not typical. I'm usually in the 300-500 range for replies. That said, I'm incredibly flexible. I tend to write similar lengths to what I'm given; however, a juicy story matters to me so much more than wordcount, grammar or spelling.

I like to think: tell a good story, the details don't matter. I don't care if we gloss over something in pursuit of the plot but I hate stagnation.

Plots, pairings and more: Honestly, I'm looking for something exciting, angsty and fluffy. What I want more than anything out of a partner is someone who also drives the story forward. I do all pairings, both platonic and romantic with any gender, but I'm really feeling m// fandom romance right now. I may double or triple, but my favorite is to have one MC each and then side characters to make the world feel whole. Below are my fandoms/genres, plots and pairings. Plots w/asterisks have an intro. If I have a strong preference for a character in a pairing, it'll be bolded; otherwise I'll play either. The stuff below is not all-encompassing: please suggest! Cravings are in a dark blue.

My limits are few: rape/non-con, underage, and incest. Just ask before introducing kinks. I’m more into fluff/angst than smut but I’ll play it out or fade to black as you like. Let me know your limits and I'll be sure to keep them in mind. smile.gif

My email is, and I'm flexible on platform (prefer email, but also have google docs, discord, Skype, hangouts, and possibly AIM though I don't love it). Can't wait to hear from you! biggrin.gif

BBC Sherlock
John x Sherlock (quintessential gay couple ^^)

Plot 1: After the Reichenbach Fall, the writers never came up with a satisfying reason for how Sherlock didn't jump, so my plot is that he did and survived (possible though not guaranteed from 3-4 stories). Now he and John have to unravel Moriarty's network whilst assassins attempt to take them out. Possible injury!angst if that's your thing. If we combine with plot 2, then John has bitten off more than he can chew helping Sherlock with this one *

Plot 2: In Elementary, Watson becomes Sherlock's apprentice and learns to become a consulting detective like him. I think it would be cool if BBC Watson did the same. This could be a standalone plot or we could apply it to the one above.

House x Wilson**
House x Cuddy
House x Cameron
Thirteen x ???
Kutner x ???

Plot 1: There’s an outbreak at the hospital and only House can figure out how to treat it. As it spreads rapidly and the hospital is quarantined, things become urgent. House and his team/Wilson/Cuddy race against time while everyone tries to avoid infecting themselves. (Possible tragic decision at the end.) **

Plot 2 (zombie AU): When the zombie apocalypse hits, House ends up at the forefront of a movement for a cure. How does it spread? How can they stop it spreading? If it works like something they know, they can treat it like something they know. Only House and [other character(s)] can find the answers. But as the disease spreads, time is running out. **

Other mysteries:
other Sherlock x Watson (I’ve read the Hound of the Baskervilles, watched the Robert Downey Jr. films, and seen Elementary)
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (Miss Fisher x Jack, Dr. Mac x OC gf, tv series only)
Monk (Monk x Natalie/Sherona/suggest)
Poirot (David Suchet series or the books)

Supernatural: (In a nebulous post-series/slightly alternative timeline) Dean x Cas: After Cas declares his love for Dean, Mary and Sam insist they pair off, giving them time to explore their newly-admitted relationship on a job.
(Also open to: brotherly! Dean x Sam; Dean x Jo)

iZombie: Liv and Lowell decide to take down Blaine instead of killing him, but that becomes increasingly dangerous as they get closer and closer to the Max Rager conspiracy.

Dollhouse: Everything from their daring escape of the attic on was still a simulation. They have another chance to make this right- if they can.

Other sci-fi/actiony shows:
Star Trek DS9 (Bashir x Garak, revived!Jadzia x open)
Agents of SHIELD where SHIELD still exists (Fitz x Skye, Fitz x Simmons, Fitz x Mac, Skye x Simmons, ensemble?)
Limitless TV show not movie (Rebecca x Brian)
Leverage (Hardison x Parker)

Fractured Fairytales

Sleeping Beauty: Rapunzel's sleep is not peaceful. Instead, she is actually trapped in an alternate dimension in the guise of a dream, learning its secrets and trying to escape. Other Character convinces the fairies to cast a spell to let them enter Rapunzel's world when they dream, hoping they can fight their way out together.

Alice in Wonderland: After the white rabbit taught her to worldwalk, Alice explored many planes. In Wonderland, where the Red Queen ruled with an iron fist, she and a friend/lover started a rebellion. (Could take inspiration from existing tv shows and movies or just the books.) One day, she wakes up in New York city with fuzzy memories and a life that feels terribly… off. She finds her way back to the rebel encampment while pieces of memory float back to her. Her lover/friend tries to help her but the changes in her are hard on everyone. One memory haunts her: she drank a potion straight from the Red Queen herself. Can she join the friend/lover to be the leader she once was? Or will she fall to the wayside as everyone else gears up for the final confrontation? ***

And, of course: Suggest! If it's a fandom you think I'd like that's on Netflix (no anime) I'm even willing to check it out. Also open to original post-apocalyptic scenarios and other kinds of sci-fi. Burnt out on historical and most other kinds of fantasy.
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