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 A Strange Request (For a Casual Roleplayer), Discord, 21+, Long-Term, Slow Replying
 Posted: Jan 24 2018, 10:56 PM

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Hello, hello! So kind of you to take the time to read this. I’m called Moni, Hara, or Monarch! I’m twenty one years old, use they/them pronouns, a current university student studying Psychology in the United States, & I’m located in Eastern Standard Time. I’ve been roleplaying since I was 11 years old, so I’ve got some experience in my court, but as always, I wish to improve in any way I can!

Even with the university & my job riding on my shoulders, I can’t help but desire somebody to write with, someone to re-introduce the roleplay-based vigor that I once had when I was younger. I’m looking for someone long term – & only one someone, as well. I’ll have to limit myself to just one person, as I know exactly what happens when I take more than I can hold – I drop it all. So, if you get through this thing and decide to message me & I decline your request, don’t feel as though it’s due to what you’ve messaged me; I’ve probably already selected someone.

This request is specifically for those who are at or over twenty-one years old, as I am an adult & wish to roleplay more serious tones that are not suitable for anyone under eighteen. I prefer someone at my age or older than me for comfort sake, & will not make exceptions. I would prefer that you are truthful with your age, so that it won’t cause legal issues on my end, & parental/legal issues on your end.

I'm going to warn you right now that this is a fairly long advertisement. The most important things are generally underlined & bolded/italicized!


As you may have already noticed, I tend to write quite a bit; I’m a person of detail & ‘fluffing it up’. As a result, I would like a partner who is literate. For me, a literate partner is someone who has a great grasp on spelling, punctuation, grammar, & also has a relatively complex vocabulary & can provide good imagery through prose. We’re all human & we make mistakes (goodness, I make plenty of them), but someone who makes jarring errors consistently is not someone I’d like to roleplay with. I also want a partner who can roleplay in English, as I lack the knowledge of other foreign languages (but occasionally will put in some other language should my character know it). It's fine if your second language is English! I only roleplay in third-person past-tense form as well, so do keep that in mind.

I can go as low as two hundred words per post to as high as two thousand words a post. I try not to post match length, & so you do not need to do so as well. I do not like one-liners unless it’s texting-based roleplaying on the side, so if you’re a one-liner type of person, I am not the person for you. I enjoy mixing types of writing – that is, using dialogue one moment, then exposition, & maybe text speak if the conversation between characters is through instant messaging/text messaging. If you want a range, I prefer to have a reply that is at least a solid paragraph or two (about 8-14 sentences) with prose that will move the story along. More is certainly encouraged, though we all can’t write long all the time!

I adore OOC chatting with my partners. I love getting to know you as a person, about your day, about your favorite colors & your favorite foods, all of that. There is a person behind these screen-names we have online, & if we’re to become roleplay partners, I think it’s important to know who you are as a person beyond the screen, at least as much as you wish to tell me, & I the same to you. I’d love to become friends as well, and wish for someone who doesn’t mind that!

I consider worldbuilding one of the most fundamental parts of any roleplaying experience. I want to be able to talk to you about this world we are going to create together, even if the center of the roleplay is focused in New York or London or on a completely new planet we both create. Collaboration on worldbuilding is a must, & that means that we will most certainly be spending a lot of time building a world from scratch or integrating words together (if we have preset ones already built). Such collaboration requires equal effort, & I will not hesitate to end the roleplay if I do not feel there is effort upon my partner’s behalf in a collective sense & vice versa. More on that later.


I’m very open to roleplaying different types of relationships, good & bad. I’m all for sexual, angst, fluff, or corny romance tracks. I’m all for platonic relationships, hate-to-love romance, friends with benefits, enemies, past lovers, & anything else you might wish to throw at me. I draw the line at romantic relationships that involve minors, even if both sides are minors. I adore getting to explore the psychology of characters & allowing my partner to see the reasons behind the actions of my character through prose rather than through on-the-side chatter. I would like to not be limited by M/M, F/F, or M/F, which means that I would like to do all of them, if not more (as I will have characters that do not align with society’s gender binary, such as non-binary, genderfluid, genderneutral, agender, transgender, etc.). If you’re not comfortable with doing all types of romantic relationships or comfortable with someone who likes to write with people who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community, I am not the person for you. I am also not the person for you if you are only willing to do one type of pairing (for example, M/M only).

Also, for characters, I use faceclaims - as in, using real life people as the ‘face’ of my character, although things might be slightly tweaked. I do not use drawings as faceclaims, and prefer actual people (such as singers, actors/actresses, models, etc.) as a faceclaim, & most are 18+ if they’re playing an adult. It makes things a lot easier when describing a character, in my opinion. I would highly prefer a partner that does not mind this & does the same as well.

I want to warn you that for the most part, I will not be creating new characters for our roleplays. This was a recent decision on my part due to the fact that I already have so many original characters created over the course of time. I will create new NPCs or even use retired characters as NPCs, but I will not make a new character. It saves me the time of trying to remember them all. Now, creating a whole new world is entirely fine, just that I will revamp an already existing character of mine to fit it. If you do not like this, I’m not the person for you.

My passion lies in understanding sex, how we educate others about it, and the whole realm that falls underneath sex, such as BDSM culture, fetish culture, sex education, sexual health, & much more. I hope to use this passion to help others understand themselves, as well as break the stigma around sex & all of its components. With that being said, I do enjoy writing NSFW themes, and would want someone who is fine with NSFW plotting & roleplay scenarios, as a lot of my ideas have aspects from BDSM/fetish culture that are not safe for work in the slightest. If you are not comfortable with NSFW scenarios (beyond vanilla NSFW as well), I am not the person for you. I do not want someone who is only comfortable with vanilla NSFW.

These are the main things I do not ever roleplay:
-Anything sexual regarding minors (the only exception for this is if the character’s past involves sexual abuse, which while I do not condone, is a plot point for some people’s characters)
-Anything vore/gore related
-Rape (again, if it’s a plot point in the character's past, that’s fine)
-Slavery (again, plot point if the genre fits, but I just wouldn’t touch it)
-Anything sexually suggestive with human bodily fluids
-Anything to do with animals/anthropomorphic animals (AKA Furries)*
-Certain extreme fetishes that I will not mention here, but will mention to you if you ask.

*Hybrids (like my Hybrids & Alpha/Beta/Omega+ excerpt below) & monsters who have human forms are acceptable.

As for genres, I am particularly interested in real-life, urban fantasy, urban-mythological, urban-fairytale, urban-supernatural, action, suspense, & (super cheesy) romance type roleplays. I am not comfortable with heavy sci-fi, high fantasy, military, sports, super-horror, or super futuristic settings because I lose interest very quickly from them.

I only do original character roleplays, & I stay away from fandom/canon-based roleplays as I grew out of them once I stopped roleplaying on Tumblr, but I do like to use canon worlds as a basis for an original roleplay. I’m always up to hearing new ideas for worlds and such, so if you have any you would love to do or mix in with one of mine, let me know! Here are a few world ideas that I have been absolutely jones-ing to do! Ships that are bolded mean that I have a romance plot for them, & you can most certainly ask for them.

This is a world in which everyone is classified into not three, but five classifications (hence the plus sign): Alpha, Beta, Delta, Omega, and Zeta. Each of them have their own special characteristics (which can be later discussed should you wish to pursue this route). There is a major problem in this world, though: stereotypes and discrimination are rife amongst the classes, and through the power of love, friendship, perseverance, many NSFW moments, & plenty of getting into trouble with the law, these negative aspects will eventually be eliminated. There are certainly more pathways to this route, & if you have any, I’d love to hear them! Someone who is experienced with roleplaying in an A/B/O world is desired. Also, this particular world does not follow a traditional A/B/O setting, so please keep an open mind!
*Favored Romantic Ships:
-Alpha/Beta/Omega (as in a polyamorous triad)

Hybrids + Alpha/Beta/Omega+
This world combines the previous world with a “Hybrids” world, in which there are humans who have animal characteristics (75% human, 25% animal, though there are some that are Hybrids but do not have animal characteristics), and these Hybrids are fighting for their rights to be autonomous being that live alongside non-Hybrids (humans) instead of being bought and sold as ‘Companions’ for humans. There’s a sizable story behind this one should you go into this route, & help is always appreciated to build it further! (Note: This can be played without the Alpha/Beta/Omega+ attached to it.)
Favored Romantic Ships:

The Holy Trinity
Monsters, Myths, Fairytales, oh my! In this urban-fantasy/mythological/supernatural world, the stories & legends are true! The gods are real, fairytales exist, and the Lochness Monster runs a year-round camp for aquatic-based children? Well, it seems these groups have integrated into Earth life very well, but that doesn’t mean the humans have to like it. With legislation having to accommodate for the new additions to Earth, these groups are facing heavy discrimination, violence, and exploitation by each other and by humans. With this route, we’ll have to do a lot of worldbuilding, as it is only a concept with no full worldbuild done.
*Favored Romantic Ships:
-Big Bad Wolf/Human
-Monster Royalty/Human
-Adult!Red Riding Hood/Human
-Adult!Red Riding Hood/Big Bad Wolf
-Devil (Satan)/Human
-Fairytale Royalty/Human

The Life
Unbeknownst to most humans on Earth, there is an international assassin organization that has lasted well over 100 years. This organization, simply known as "The Life", has incited conflicts, quelled wars, & stopped possible conflicts from all over the world, all without the general public knowing. Anyone could be a part of this organization - your mother, your mailman, your next door neighbor - and you would never know. Those within it are sworn to secrecy & the utmost discretion, & not even the worst torture - or even death - could make them give up who they are. Based on a mixture of the John Wick & Kingsman series, this original world has a strong base already completed (except for an origin story), but definitely needs more work on a more concrete storyline.
*Favored Romantic Ships:
-TL Member/Civilian
-TL Member/TL Assistant
-TL Executive/TL Member
-TL Executive/Civilian
-TL Member/TL Rogue
-TL Member/Target


Earlier I stated how I would elaborate more about how I would drop a roleplay if I feel as though I do not get equal creative participation in the worldbuilding/roleplaying process. While this is true, there are a lot of factors surrounding this statement that should be addressed. We are all human – we get busy & we get tied into things, & therefore cannot put the time & energy necessary into roleplaying. Our health, work, school, really anything that pertains to real life certainly comes first before roleplaying, & I hold onto this motto very tightly. I will not drop a roleplay just because you got busy with work, school, or you got sick, or there was an emergency. I will, however, completely drop a roleplay if there is no communication happening & the roleplay has remained stagnant for a month. If you feel as though the lack of roleplaying during times in which I am not busy is unacceptable, you are welcome to confront me & drop the roleplay as well.

I am a very busy person – I work, go to school, attend an internship, & I have several physical & mental ailments that are out of my control. I recently just got accepted into a Master's Program for the Fall of 2018. I sometimes barely can get my homework done with how busy I am, or get anything done due to my chronic pain. Getting into the mindset for roleplay is near impossible sometimes when my days are busy or my body isn’t cooperating. As a result, I prefer someone who is okay with only getting a reply maybe once a week to maybe once/twice every few weeks. I know this is a rather strange thing to ask for, but I really enjoy casual roleplaying, & with how hectic everything in my life is, I’d still like to roleplay, just on an extremely slower scale. If you aren’t truly okay with this fact, I’m not the person for you. Do not pretend that you are! I don't want to offend you with my slowness.

In regards to location of the roleplay, I will only accept roleplays through Discord. This way I can never lose the roleplay & can easily respond to people through my phone when I’m away from my computer. I can do e-mail, but I forget to check my e-mail every so often, & so I prefer Discord so I don't forget!

If you are interested in roleplaying after reading this giant wall of text (my apologies), you can message me via e-mail at I’d like a NSFW & SFW writing sample just to see how you roleplay. I’ll share mine with you as well! This way, if we can already tell we won’t click, it can be before we get started on anything. If we end up clicking through e-mail, I'll be happy to provide my Discord.

One last tidbit I should add. If you do contact me & I don’t get back to you quick enough, please do not take that as me ignoring you. My memory is incredibly poor & so I tend to forget things, which causes my mind to believe I’ve done the thing I was supposed to when I didn’t. Also, if I reject your offer to roleplay, do not take it as an insult to how you are as a person or how you are as a roleplayer. I will be as transparent as possible regarding why I declined your offer.
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